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The PAM8403 is great little class-D stereo amplifier (3 W). Compared to the classic LM386 it is much more efficient to use in a battery powered portable project, since it is class-D.

You can find very cheap, ready-to-use boards on Ebay or AliExpress, with or without a volume pot. Or design your own with the temporary KiCAD design below, and integrate it into your own projects...

There are also other variants of this amplifier IC:

PAM 8302 or 8302A ?

Let's make a DIY-CAD version of this.... dusjagr is prototyping

Adafruit has the 8302A:

dusjagr has around 100 SO-8 versions of the PAM 8302.

Pamamp rev0.02 pic 00a.png Pamamp rev0.02 pic 01a.png

Pamamp rev0.02 schematics 00a.png