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The PAM8403 is great little class-D stereo amplifier (3 W). Compared to the classic LM386 it is much more efficient to use in a battery powered portable project, since it is class-D.

You can find very cheap, ready-to-use boards on Ebay or AliExpress, with or without a volume pot. Or design your own with the temporary KiCAD design below, and integrate it into your own projects...

There are also other variants of this amplifier IC:

PAM 8302 or 8302A ?

Let's make a DIY-CAD version of this.... dusjagr is prototyping

Adafruit has the 8302A:

dusjagr has around 100 SO-8 versions of the PAM 8302.

KiCAD Project

Hint: To open the project with the local 3d models, you can start KiCAD with in the project directory.

Pamamp rev0.02 pic 00a.png Pamamp rev0.02 pic 01a.png

Pamamp rev0.02 schematics 00a.png

schematics pdf