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Home-Made Hauptseite

List of Homemade 2017 participants, use prename or online handle as you like. Note that any information given is publicly available.

Write about your projects and wishes, what you will bring and what you will need, what you know and want to share/present/do a workshop, what you want to learn, if you need a lift to Tenna or have free space in your car, etc.

Jördis & Uwe

What we do: some sounding land art, building a slow food solar cooker, analog modular synth tinkering,.....oops the week is over

can offer : support for LTSPICE and KICAD, some modular synth kits (with Willy from Köln)


What I do: some sound experiments (most on macro-acoustic scale) with modified motors, strings + diy pick up´s, relays...

can offer a hands-on workshop building arduinio_uno shields for attiny45/85 or atmega328 (optiloader version) http://www.ralfschreiber.com/share/LE_NOYAU/attiny85-prog-shield.jpg

What I bring: mixer, sequencer, motors...

What I need: maybe someone can provide a small active speaker?

anna cho

What I do: preparing «electronnes.ch» with some of the SGMK-ladies and preparing a trashy megaphone-workshop for september.

What I bring: moka-kafi-maschineli, the usual soldering equipment, a hammock and everything needed to extend the week by climbing the nearby mountains if weather conditions are fine.

What I need: ––––––––––– nix –––––––––––––– looking forward  :) <3

btw. will probabely arrive monday around 12h Moka Express.jpg


What I do: prgramming and make an interface for axoloti module, work on microcontroller sequencer, some fun with LED

What I bring: some synths, a little mixer und speakers

What I need: help with microcontroller

i could do a Copper Analysis workship for etching solutions.

Will take the train 13:37 from Zuerich to Chur


What I do: Design and build arduino shields with laser cut cases (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZnQFtUXSJo) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdOZB8iYkNo).

What I bring: Soldering kits (35 chf preorder, 40 at the event). To preorder please email me with which one you want at hammeshacks@gmail.com. If you want the shield used in the pink snakes video tell me which color leds you want. I have red, blue, green and pink. All kits come with components to solder the shield, Arduino clone and laser cut case.

What I need: Soldering irons (if you want a workshop). I also have a step by step assembly video on Youtube.

When I'll be there: Beginning of the week.


What I do and what workshops I can give:

Please let me know if you want something specific, so I can provide the parts.

What I bring: synth, controller, analog computer, Raspberry Pi + Cam, tools and parts

What I need: oscilloscope, 2D printer (paper!), vga projector

Does anyone works with FPGAs?

I'm looking for a lift from Zürich? I will be at the mainstation on Sunday at 11am - Thanks.


What I do: - I'd like to give an (easy) workshop on a standalone audio echo device and make the PCB's for them. - Besides some Arduino MIDI stuff.

What I bring: Echo kits (all the parts for 20.-), without the PCB

What I need: If we still have these Monacor-speakers in the storage room, please bring at least 5pcs and piezos as mics. I also need a little help on etching and KiCAD


What I do: working on boring private shit (no mechatronics and the like involved). looking forward to see what other people are doing

What I bring: some beers

What I need: calm and inspiration ;-)



What I do:

- further work on Actioncy workshops (?)

- also interested in Oli's microcontroller sequencer (?)

- mountain tour (Piz Beverin) (?)

- drinking a lot of coffee :-)

When I'll be there: only Sunday -> Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning

What I can offer: 10 minutes overview FFT (not so much the algorithm itself, but what is useful for)

What would be nice: If somebody can give a 10 minutes overview of actually used DSPs

Simon Berz

what i do: drums and soundart

what I need:

1. I would like to discover my new modular moog mother 32… how I can trigger my analog inputs from the drumset to a analog synt.

2. Soundinstallation with distance meters and resonators…

what can I give:

1. improvisations with other musicians

2. concepts for soundarts, impro, live sets

3. networking

Christian Faubel, Yolanda Faubel, Valentin Faubel

what I do i will try to find out how to generate a live-midi-clock signal from an analog lfo-oscillator. if there is the material (reed sensor) eventually also generate midi-clock from a metronom.

yolanda and valentin like to play, dance, walk run, sing.

what I can give

show some experiments on synchronization. several simple modules and motors to create ryhthmical movement and sound

what I need

1. a soldering iron

2. explanations on midi programming

3. a simple midi device for testing

4. midi-cable (forgot mine)

5. 12 volt dc power supply (forgot mine)

6. a lift from zürich to tenna, with two children seats, i know almost impossible, but just in case. otherwise we happily take the train.


i work on my synths like ever and

i have two workshops: 9v MS-20 Filter

                      FlipFloater Delay based on PT2399 with some bendings

for the music i bring my circuit bending orchestra

what i need

220V !!


I'll work with Javascript/node.js and Hardware (e.g Robots) Ask me about Digital Fabrication (3d Printing, Lasercutting)