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The WatchOut!-Synthesizer makes sound due to a program on an attiny13-chip! Dependent on the light intensity, a solarpanel reads this program and gives the power for the sound production. The more light shines on the cell, the higher the pitch and louder the sound. There are different programs which defines the function of the two buttons. Because of the inconstant power-source the processing of attiny13 is very unstable, which actually gives us nice sounds!

The idea to have a synthesizer at the wrist was developed as a souvenir for the JurassicLaboratory Electronic-Music-Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland:


To upload a new code use the following tools:


USB Programmer: or search for USBASP programmer
ATtiny13 Connector: [[1]]

software tools

Windows: CommandLine
Mac: Terminal, avrdude

Or: Arduino: with a breadboard


final code is coming soon... or look up at thingiverse:


1 100uF Capacitor
1 ATtiny13 with socket
1 Solarpanel
2 Buttons
1 Minijack socket
1 Piezo loudspeaker
Wire (for solarpanel)


ATtiny13, the old version! Don't use the AtTiny13A, it works only with the one without the "A". ATtiny13

non-electronic material

2 M4 Screws
2 M4 Nuts
1 Acrylic deck
1 Acrylic base with
1 Wristband

laserfiles coming soon or look up at:

how to

Keep attention by removing the chip, to not break the legs. And WatchOut! by soldering the solar panel...
If you need help in anything please contact us:, labor(at)


Swiss artist gloom performing on a rooftop concert with our Whatchout-synthie!