SGMK X-mas Hybrid Exhibition

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Unsere virtuelle Ausstellung für den SGMK X-mas Hybrid Umtrunk.

Our virtual exhibition for the SGMK X-mas Hybrid Umtrunk.

Vorschau hier auf unserem workadventure.

A preview is on our workadventure

Wie kann ich mitmachen? / How can I participate?

Feel free to PM or mail to dusjagr

Preview xmas expo2.jpg

Add Yourself

Put a link to a website, wiki page, github repo or something similar here.

A very easy way to make a project expo website is using

For all our musicians! We can now also playAudio direkt. Just give us your web link to a .mp3. (Streaming will come soon...)


Valentina Shipovskaya (@vali_ship)

Miranda Moss

Oliver Jäggi


Daniel Marti

Andrej W

Dominic Mahnic

Captain Credible (special guest from BlinkeShit3000 Jury

Pixel Artshow

Either send us a tiny pixelated representation of your project. Has to fit on our canvas, max. size 42 x 24 or 22 x 22 pixels (smaller is also good), as .png with transparency. If you need help you can also send us some other photo / image and our pixel-helferlein will embed it into our map.

Pixel paintings.jpg