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Notes from Anyma research week


Discussions at the anyma research week 2014, after hours and hours of discussions, late night fights and yelling, nightmares and fantasies about what comes after the arduino.... cheap, simple, easy to make? or next level shit using arm-processors? more pins / less pins? fuck attiny85 forever? what about the 32u4 chip? or just buy the arduino micro? or should we just use the Gnusbuino, as we always had? or what about that Atmega88 chip? or, or, or, or,...

all kind of related projects

other atmegas

  • atmega 32u4

this is kinda the leondardo or the arduino micro?

- only available in smd package... but i think we are cool!

  • atmega 88


tiny stuff

  • Worlds smallest arduino clone (based on attiny85 and micronucleus)

should we finally kill the project?

  • attiny84, why not? too expensive?

arm stuff

  • Teensy

Für Teensy 3.0 gibt es eine fertige build chain hier:

Damit kann man Teensy aus Eclipse / QtCreator etc. programmieren. Für Teensy 3.1 muss man ein paar dinge anpassen, wie von dhylands im post oben beschrieben.

  • MC HCK

The MC HCK (pronounced: “McHack” [mæk hæk]) is a small, cheap, and versatile microcontroller platform that supports USB for easy programming, and can be built at home for $5. The MC HCK enables everybody to build big and small projects, because spending >$20 for other microcontroller boards is just too much.

  • rasp-pi