Pixel drift

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Multiple LEDs with different colors and positions produce colored shadows. With red green and blue LEDs this results in a nice visual effect. For best effects use bright "Superflux" LEDs with a wide beam angle. The pixel drift was first built in workshops during the MFRU festival 2016 in Maribor.


Pixel drift earphones.jpg Pixel drift hand.jpg


  • Superflux LEDs 5mm] red, green, blue
  • Resistors for LED
  • Battery & connector

Resistor values

Depending on supply voltage, e.g. with 9V:

  • 330 Ohm for red LED -> 22.7 mA current through the LED
  • 270 Ohm for green LED -> 22.7 mA current through the LED
  • 270 Ohm for blue LED -> 22.9 mA current through the LED


Pixel drift.jpg

File:Pixel drift 6x.pdf

Pixel drift gatheringX8.png

rC3 Edition

Pixel Drift rC3.jpg

Board for 5mm Superflux LED

Pixel drift rC3.png

You can also use standard LED without a PCB making the connections with the parts:

Pixeldrift standard LED.png

some experiments with pixel drift:

Pixel drift mix.jpeg Pixel drift exp.jpg

Built devices

Pixel Drift.jpg Pixel Drift FTW.jpg Pixel drift wired.jpg

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