Personal footprint library

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Make a new project

ScreenSiech 366.jpg

Open the footprint editor (it will say no active library and you cannot save anything)

ScreenSiech 367.jpg

just choose a random library

ScreenSiech 368.jpg

Select: Save current libary as (and choose a filepatch and name for it. so you can find it again)

ScreenSiech 369.jpg

Go to "board view" and choose in Preferences -> Footprint library manager

ScreenSiech 370.jpg

add you custom library at the bottom, give it a good name and the location on your drive

ScreenSiech 371.jpg

Close KiCAD and Restart. Go to Board view and try "Add footprint", choose "Select by browser" and find your custom library.

ScreenSiech 372.jpg

Done! if you have all these footpring from your random choice above. go to the location and just delete all you don't want.

ScreenSiech 373.jpg