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PASAR SENGGOL Pasar = market Senggol = nudge (Indonesian suburban night market full of chaotic interactions and people pushing around in dense loud environment)

PasarSenggol Helmi eddie Yair.jpg

We suggest a participatory art installation that is done through collaboration with people who join us throughout the days of the CCCamp in a workshop setting, where they learn and make basic electronic units for interactive sound art and kinetics. Collaborative practicies are very common in Indonesia, both as a need to survice but also as a deeply culturally rooted concept. We are happy to be able to invite Helmi Hardian, from Surabaya, Indonesia, as "Hacker-in-Residence" to spend the summer with us in our hackerspace, Bitwäscherei, in Zürich, and join the HOME MADE 2023 Summercamp by SGMK and other activities. We have been working together in Indonesia, for HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta, and many other activites on DIY electronics and SoundArt, mostly doing workshops and PCB geeking. Besides Helmi and myself dusjagr, we will invite 3 other mentors and constructors to help us developing the art installation and support the workshops.

Join our matrix room, ping someone to get invited


Pasar Senggol Bilboard


Neon art by Helmi

Department of Serious Candy Sains

Spätzi - Ätz dir deine Platine doch Selbst!

Spaetzi dresden.jpg

So guood, that we had the "ÄtzBox" with us. It's a mobile PCB etching unit, all tightly packed into a Rako-Box, designed by Michi Egger, a.n.y.m.a.

(W)LED Geeking

Soldering Kits

Classic SGMK MicroNoise


Find the mask and some old info here:

All the nice Noisio stuff!

PXL 20230817 205012971.jpg

Pre-Release: CircuitCircle SolderingIron PCB


motor driven bird voice generator

cheeep cheeep ... we've got those motörbörds under the roof

PXL 20230704 153520286.jpg


PasarSenggol dresden.jpg

Mach dir Deinen (illegalen) Embryo doch selbst

Embryo workshop Collage.jpg

Spätzi @ Circuit-Control Festival, Dresden

Sketch n-Aetz.jpg


Helmi Hardian (Surabaya, Indonesia) | BIR residensi

Helmi in his full beauty

Helmi Hardian is a grassroots artist and ghetto scientist, with a specific interest in cooking and smoking at the same time. He lives in Surabaya, the city that is well known for its industry and technology, as well as being the center of electronic component trading (chiefly, Pasar Genteng). Hence, almost all of his works are closely related to science and technology as the medium of creativity. He is the co-founder of Waft Lab, a creative-based initiative that works at interdisciplinary practices. Currently, he focuses on tech development through DIY/DIWO culture and playing his role in researching, hacking, or deconstructing daily materials to provide some devices with new functional aspects, as well as developing workshop kits, lecturing contents, and presentation materials, which aim to learn, share, and exchange knowledge.

Yair Reshef


bureaucrat at T.A.M.I, recovering

will bring a few new projects

  • DIY GRILLZ - using dental impression to cast your teeth in plaster, using polymorph and hardware to make it blink
  • CCC - Conductive Cotton Candy
  • ledB - working on an old (new) kit for sound to light things

a simple camp event search thing >

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr

find me on matrix:


Marc Dusseiller, Center for Alternative Coconut Research & member of Hackteria

Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller is a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist. He performs DIY (do-it-yourself) workshops in lo-fi electronics and synths, hardware hacking for citizen science and DIY microscopy. He also loves coconuts. He was co-organizing Dock18, Room for Mediacultures, diy* festival (Zürich, Switzerland), KIBLIX 2011 (Maribor, Slovenia), workshops for artists, schools and children as the former president (2008-12) of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society, SGMK and co-founder of the new Hackerspace collective Bitwäscherei (2020) in Zürich. He has worked as guest faculty and mentor at various schools, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IN), UCSB (USA) and in Switzerland, FHNW, HEAD, ETHZ. In collaboration with Kapelica Gallery, he has started the BioTehna Lab in Ljubljana (2012 - 2013), an open platform for interdisciplinary and artistic research on life sciences. Currently, he is developing means to perform bio- and nanotechnology research and dissemination, Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art, in a DIY / DIWO fashion in kitchens, ateliers and in the Majority World. He was the co-organizer of the different editions of HackteriaLab 2010 - 2020 Zürich, Romainmotier, Bangalore, Yogyakarta and Klöntal, Okinawa and collaborated on the organisation of the BioFabbing Convergence, 2017, in Geneva and the Gathering for Open Science Hardware, GOSH! 2016, Geneva & 2018, in Shenzhen.

Steffen Koritsch is noisio


noisio is an artist, musician, electronics engineer and programmer from Dresden. Having fun with mistakes and previously unknown features, he discovers new sounds, designs synthesizer soldering kits for everyone and takes them on workshop and concert tour.

Kits for the kids at Pasar Senggol:

  • ATTiny Punk Console
  • Levitation OSC
  • Photonotron
  • Motörbörd
  • Bleep Bot
  • Bass61 Prototype
  • RGBend Proto

Look at and for more Dresden based workshop and AV-actions >>


Eddie sorts everything out

Eran Margalit

TAMI in da house!

Alwin Weber

Nice hair!

Surprise Guests

Scott Beibin

Finally arrived!

Scott is an inventor, open-source technologist, self-taught engineer, vegan environmental activist, and founder of many projects in the realm of ecologically regenerative systems, horizontal organization, and experiential arts production. In addition to creating ecologically friendly technologies, he’s the Co-founder of the Evil Twin Booking agency representing and doing strategy for Pussy Riot, Boots Riley, Glenn Greenwald, Alex, and Allyson Grey, Vandana Shiva, and other public figures. He was the founder of the seminal 1990s DIY hardcore/punk label Bloodlink Records as well as the founder of the touring Lost Film Festival in the 2000s. He currently serves as a technical and strategic advisor for several decentralization tech projects.

His current projects include Mandelbot, Ecotech, Goostruder, Groucho Fractal, AncientScan, and Ptelepathetique.