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This Circuit is the result of the first try to build the microRing. Due to some misonceptions, this circuit is not a ring modulator, but nevertheless sounds great. So i leave this stuff on.


  • 1* 4093 IC
  • 6* Resistors with same value in kOhm range (I've used 2.2k in the prototype, because i've just had 5 at hand)
  • 3* capacitors around 100nF (can also be 80, 120, 150, you don't have to use up all 100nF from the storage at any price ;-) )
  • 2* Potentiometers in kOhm range (100k in the Prototype, also not critical)
  • 1* Diode (just a normal one, doesn't matter much)
  • 1* Battery Clip
  • Battery
  • Piezo Speaker or Jack connector or both


The two NAND gates are certainly put together in a weird way. I actualy havent got much of an idea, what it does. But because of the nice sound of this circuit, the microNAND will remain as it is. The other two NANDs just create rectangles that you can tune with the potis. The first Oscillator also triggers the second. You can attach a Piezo or a jack connector on the pins P$1 and P$3 on the right. As Vcc anything from 3 - 15 V should work. I've just tried 9V so far, though.




So far, only a through hole board exists. But I'm working on the pseudo SMD variant (no more drilling!).

Mask (bottom): File:MicroRingBoardv02.pdf

Parts (top): File:MicroRingBoardPartsv02.pdf

Demo Video