HOME MADE 2022 Participants

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Home-Made Hauptseite

List of Homemade 2022 participants, use prename or online handle as you like. Note that any information given is publicly available.

Write about your projects and wishes, what you will bring and what you will need, what you know and want to share/present/do a workshop, what you want to learn, if you need a lift to Alp Wang or have free space in your car, etc.

Use this site for organising rideshares. Please add yourself if you can provide or are in need. Dont forget to add contact details!


What I do: Data performance 3D

          Workshop: TRY the new finger mouse & DANCE with data in R-Studio / CRAN - Package rgl  

What I bring: Projector, Data installation

What I need: 3D Printer

Oli J

What I do: work on some etting equipment, experiments with solar power and charging lipos

What I bring: synths, mixer, active speakers if needed

What I need: help with relais.

Christoph Kummer

What I do:

  • Taking Fotos and Videos (as always) maybe Live-Streaming

What I offer:

  • Shuttle transfer (between bus station Weglosen and Alp Wang)
  • Ride from Zurich/Baden-Region to Alp Wang

What I bring:

  • Cameras, Video Mixer, Mics ++
  • My Car

What I need:

  • having a good time with you

Claude & Maya

What we do: Claude work on his synth's, crackle boxes and more. Maya solder Drahtbilder

What we bring: our material

What we need: a great time!!

Ralf (Cologne)

What I do:
- will build the lunetta style audio slicer (designed by Uwe S.)
- do some experimental research in electricity harvesting together with Maja & Miranda
- can offer a kids workshop "annoying woodpecker machines"

What I need:
a shuttle service from Talstation Weglosen to Alp Wang (on Monday at around 4-5 pm)



  • learn freeCAD
  • build smth with the LED drähtli
  • play around with wooden structures, build leonardomes and -bridges
  • 3D print some particular thing with TPU
  • go for a trek/hike!
  • join for the shuttle service duties (have no car but licence)


  • LED-Draht-Lämpli, warmweiss, 3v, lackdraht
  • Leonardo-Dome-Pieces, another dome-project made with grillspiessli,
  • some wool, some hiking stuff, maybe some lamps again


  • see "Workshops" on main page


  • Lichtfolie o.ä. (egal wie kleine Reststücke),
  • 3D-Printer with TPU, ppl that wanna join a hike!
  • ppl that wanna join the FreeCAD learning, or even better: someone who is already familiar with CAD!

Gandalf & Max


  • analog ventures
  • general vacationing


  • 4x table tennis rackets & balls
  • small basket ball
  • tree house tools