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Home-Made Hauptseite

List of Homemade 2018 participants, use prename or online handle as you like. Note that any information given is publicly available.

Write about your projects and wishes, what you will bring and what you will need, what you know and want to share/present/do a workshop, what you want to learn, if you need a lift to Dangio or have free space in your car, etc.


What I do: work on the water project (conductivity meter), finally work on a microcontroller sequencer, have fun with synths and pop neurons

What I bring: 1pixel pcb & parts, some synths, a little mixer und aktive speakers

What I need: help with microcontroller

i could do a workshop for the 1pixel and would love to do the pulse&patterns and Benjolin

I plan to take the train from Zürich HB dep 13:09


What I do: 8bit Mixtape / Kultpfunzel / Blinkenrocket hacking & programming, general gilbing

What I can offer: Always glad to support interesting projects

What I bring: Lots of electronic toys and components

What I need: A joyful week with my favourite electronics geeks. If someone is going by car and still has space, I'd appreciate a ride!


What I do: acoustic sound experiments with diy cv/gate sequencers, modified motors, pick up´s, relays...

What I can offer: bring some boards and parts for the pulse+patterns workshop http://www.ralfschreiber.com/share/pulseandpatterns.html

What I bring: mixer, sequencer, motors...

What I need: some active speakers?


What I do: mainly cleaning up my messy zotero files for the masterthesis, reading, wordpressing some documentation

What I can offer: meaningful conversations and silly hiking tours in the nearby landscape

What I bring: soldering station and literature P.S. would love to solder&test some pulse&patterns… if needed i can bring some small DC-Motors to play with and some active speakers.

What I need: geeky kin's heart&soul

Christoph Kummer

What I do: finishing some kit's. documentation

What I can offer: trying to be helpful

What I bring: soldering station, unfinished kit's, literature and aktive speakers.

DropBox Folder with Fotos and Video or Video on YouTube


geplante Projekte: - Redisign Vive la resistance - Vorbereitung Graphiton Workshop - Vorbereitung Ausstellung Müller-Müller-Hauser (Ausstellung Kunstpavillon Luzern Ende August 2018) - Platinen Designen und ätzen - Homemadeteilnahme: Anreise: 6. August Heimreise: 10. August - Falls jemand auch am Montag kommt und mich in Luzern mitnehmen könnte, wäre toll! Sonst komm ich mit ÖV, habe eh grad noch das GA.

- spezielle Bedürfnisse Essen: Laktoseintoleranz…


what I do: preparing a LED origami lantern workshop, reading and writing my PHD proposal

what I can offer: discussing geeky and other meaningfull stuff, hiking to spots around, curiousity, laughter, and an introduction into alternative Android operating sytems for your mobile phone - no more spying on you by google et al. (bring cables and backup facility for your data)

what I bring: soldering station, origami paper, LEDs, wire, books, macBook, all my USB-microUSB cables, documentation for rooting and romming Android phones and hopefully master of romming Heiko will join us.

what I need: kin


What I do: Building Analog Synthesizer = klangbaukeoln

What I bring: "Benjolin" , offer a workshop to build this great instrument from Rob Hordijk. See www.klangbauköln.de for more information and pictures. Analolg Synth for session.

What I need: Aktive loudspeaker, please.


What I do: 1) working on SOLDI - an all-in-one DIY mini electronics lab with solder station, lab power supply, audio amp, function genererator, component tester. When finished this will be THE standard tool for our workshops - and hopefully for SGMK and others too. 2) together with Willi measuring my new synth VCOs in depth using VCO.tuner freeware 3) remote geeking with Marc & Iyok about the new ESP8266 mixtape hardware 4) sh**, the week is already over...

What I bring: let me know if you need components ;-)

What I need: support for SOLDI programming: STM32 blue pill module under ARDUINO IDE. I have simulated a lot of new analog synth modules and look for layouters & alpha testers :-)


What I do: continue studies on pattern, clay and digital processes

What I can offer: clay and cake

What I bring: clay and colors, also bitsli e-shrot

What I need: sharing and caring and extended pattern experience


What I do: layout for 4069 vco, stm32 synth/sequencer

What I can offer: kicad 3d models mini workshop, openSCAD box script workshop, technical support for SGMK related tools (web, wiki, mail, lists, etc.)

What I bring: interesting electronics resources to share / discuss, some parts too..

What I need: 2x 100k log potis (panel mount), help with simple power circuits

Oli W

What I do: work on my MFOS weird sound generator

What I can offer: a talk and some images on the Free Sunshine! project that Miranda and I have been working on in the past months, and about our goggabot solar robot workshops in Durban and Baleni, South Africa.

What I bring: some goggabot pcbs, motors, capacitors and solar cells, for anyone interested to build their own goggabot... I also have some neopixel action with me, and my mbed IoT Kit V3...

What I need: geek reviews... (and more time - I am only there from Wednesday evening)