HOME MADE 2016 Participants

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Home-Made Hauptseite

List of Homemade 2016 participants, use prename or online handle as you like. Note that any information given is publicly available.

Write about your projects and wishes, what you will bring and what you will need, what you know and want to share/present/do a workshop, what you want to learn, if you need a lift to pfaeffikon or have free space in your car, etc.

We encourage you also to prepare something for the SGMK Festival 29.-31. July, eg. for the "HomeMade" exhibition or for a presentation.


I want to work with old SBB modules "Klapptafeln", control them with a keyboard

I will be involved in the preparation of SGMK Festival.


I will work on some sound modules and sequencer stuff.also prepearing the SGMK Festival.

I will bring some synths, a little mixer und speakers


What I do: Tillo-Display, Selfie-Makey, Trautonium, Mirror-Mixtape, Piezzo-LED, Rubby-Bird-Synth, OpenDrop-Art

What I bring: Gute Laune, Zelt

What I need: Velo

dusjagr aka Marc Dusseiller

What I do: dumm schnöre und umegeeke

What I bring: loads of attiny85

What I need: beer


What I do: checking out Bela board

What I bring: Bela board

What I need: KiCad workshop

Hans Musterlöter

What I do: MicroNoise löten. Workshops vorbereiten fürs Festival.

What I bring: den Kopf voller Ideen und Tatkräftigkeit.

What I need: Zusammenarbeit.

Tesla Chris

What I do: scary high voltage sparks

What I bring: Big Tesla coil and mini musical Tesla coils, HP 6813A AC mains simulator

What I need: would like to get the musical coil onto a PCB; need PCB etch tank

Anyone want to learn Eagle or Altium and collaborate on the layout?

The musical Tesla is pretty well working; encourage others to build it and refine the circuit. Have lots of inductors and commercially made secondary coil, power transformers and stuff.



baue analoge Synthesizermodule und bringe einige mit; kann zum Bau oder Design viel sagen;

Hobby: Nichtlineare Systeme, LogGleichung usw; kann nicht programmieren dafür bin ich in EAGLE drin;

baue an meinem TwinPeak Filter weiter, oder bringe DSP Synths Chips mit, oder baue das "Double Well" Chaos Modul auf; Oszilloskop und Lötkolben wären hilfreich. Gibt es vielleicht einen PC zum Mailchecken?

Katrin Bächli

What I do:

Konstruiere für die Uhr einen Sockel mit der Mutteruhr und möchte das Licht interaktiv anstellen.

What I bring: - Ich bringe die alte Bahnhofsuhr mit.

- Eine Alu-Box und 4 Rollen

- Einen Logic-Analyser (4 Kanäle), ein altes Arduino, ein Rasperry Pi 2.

- elektrische Metallsäge (falls es bereits eine hat, bin ich froh es zu wissen, da es etwas schwer wird..)

What I need:

- LED-Strips (kaufe ich sonst im Pusterla oder bei Conrad)

- Hilfe/Erklärung zum Tür-Öffner-Hack


I will be doing a range of outdoor robotics and sensor feedback audio/control systems inc radio controlled ect. I'd also like perhaps to spend some time on measuring some ultrasound.

I bring probably 2 robots and some parts for building more plus some ultrasonic speakers

What I need: Oscilloscope - for phase measurements of ultrasonic transducers maybe someone has a EVAL-ADUSB2EBUZ Old speakers and amplifiers are also welcome. Any sensors that might be used outdoors temp, wind, hydrophone, humidity contact mics ect.

Anna Cho

Will work on the Freibot-Workshop-documentation.

Will keep on lerning and testing how to move different kinds of motors via arduino.

Will bring my bathing suit.


Margrit Maker

What I do:

What I bring:

What I need:


would like to build more simple but exciting cmos instruments

will bring 30 solar engines with vibrating motors that could be used for an installation


like to research / build shortrange am transmitters, small amplifiers for coil, photodiodes, radio signals..

will bring a few analog synthesizer modules for feedback experiments

need a small loudspeaker from time to time ..


will continue to work with uwe on "more music on long thin wires"

will do some more sound experiments with modified motors, strings + diy pick up´s...

will offer a hands-on workshop: photo-diode-geiger-counter http://ralfschreiber.com/share/gammacounter/gammacounter.html


What I do: Electronics for music. Perform in a robot that has taken me prisoner

What I bring: Some synths, some synth projects, and the fugitive Lazenbleep

What I need: Collaboration, CMOS, Maultaschen


What I do: programmieren lernen

What I bring: attiny45 und und und

What I need: PCB-Filosofi