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Lamps for Workshop Table, may be combined with solder irons
Tools,side cutter, flat nose plier, knifes, scissors
Helping hands, wires with alligator clips
Dremel, multifunction rotary tool
Hot glue gun with cartridges
Electronix, batteries, holders, relais, parts, wires, lasers, leds, motors and so on
screws, bolts, washers
pizza ofen for reflow soldering or curing
solder irons, spray, tupperware
condensator box
integrated circuits (chip) box
board material
setup of boxes in the lab

special kindergarden box with leds, batteries, putty, light sticks
kilos special box (with instant coffee)
ljudmila theremin workshop box

FabLab Lucern ordered new electronic tools. The box with the order from polling just arrived
Hot glue and solder irons - brand new
nice tools of all kind

Here the material list from the FabLab Lucern (in German): [1]

Hackteria Box / Dusjagr
Voluntary freelancing cultural ambassador packs stuff into boxes / Dusjagr
Boxes with Open.Theremin SMD Parts
Big one /

Boxology for ascii artists

║Ω║Υ      ║       Ω║Υ      ║       ║
║Ω║Υ      ║       x║T π π π║T π π π║
║Π║π║π   π║       Π║π║π   π║       ║
║Π║π║π   π║       Ω║Υ║π   π║       ║
║Π║π║π   π║       x║T║π π π║       ║
║Π║π     x║       Π║π     x║       ║