2 March - L200 - GV preps

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Prep Meeting für GV

2. March, 14:00

Present: Oli J, Oli W, Marc D

Host / Location: Panos



Introduction on the space. Interest in Locality. Space for "small players". central cool location, central space as a commons, and shared with eg 20 players/communities. But some limitation for non-commercial use, no dominance on the identity, sharing.

Member model: 50chf for individual, 100 for organisations

co-working: 100/200chf per month

Windows: Fensterladen

Events: 1st part if membershit, later 80-120chf

The rest is not noted here. but in between us and on pieces of paper

To Do

  • Set-up Food Team (Marc & Oli W.)
  • Soundsystem vom MechArtLab (Oli J.)
  • Kollekte Container (Urban)
  • Generel Beschrieb auf Website (Oli J. & Jana)
  • Facebook event (Marc)
  • Kommunikation an viele andere Communities und individuel (Alle)
  • Einladung zum Wiki-Award (Jana)
  • Dedicatied Call für Showcase inkl. Fensterladen (Alle)

Space Setup

Who to invite on top

Members: DONE

by 4th March:

  • newsletter l200
  • makerlist


  • openki. direct mouth2mouth, urban, (panos)
  • fablab zurich (thomas a. through slack)
  • IoT-makers (Thomas A.)
  • Lora Wahn (Tillo / Oli, Gonzalo)
  • Wunderkammer (Vesna)
  • Labor Luzern (Livia)
  • HEK (Shusha, Boris)
  • CCC Zürich (Jana, Christoph)
  • Electro/Hack Alessandro (Marc)
  • Dock18 (Mario)
  • Corinna M. (Fashion Revolution)
  • Digitale Gesselschaft (Panos)
  • FSFE (Panos)
  • ISOC-CH (Panos)
  • Gabriel Wicky (Oli)
  • Joelle / Karmen (ZHdK interaction design)- Marc
  • Aurel (Students ZHdK)
  • Andreas B.
  • Kaspar K. (ZHdK connections auftreiben)
  • Jill S. LASER (Marc)
  • impact hub (Oli W.)
  • ANORG (Marc)
  • Dominik L. (Marc / Oli J)
  • Anna Camiocaa (Marc)
  • Benu (Fribourg / Michi E.)
  • Cycle Operant
  • Node Festival, Coralie (Urs / Marc)
  • Hackuarium (Marc)
  • people factory (Urs)
  • Fablab Luzern (Marc, Chris)
  • Off.cut (Oli W, Marianne)
  • post-tü-lab (Panos)
  • Dymax (effi)
  • Zurich Modular (Marc, Raffi)