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Workshop Series in the New MechArtLab 2020

MindFuck HS - Soldering session - 21. December

Interested participants:

  • Larry and friends
  • Stahl
  • georg blkm & gf
  • ... and you?

Workshops and Concerts for rC3 - 27 - 30. December

More info following soon...

Upcoming tba

Amp Amp Amp Piezo Everything - tba 2020

More info here: Ralf's Piezo-Amp

Date and Time:

Saturday, tba 2020, 14h - 19h

Pimp-Up your KORG Volca - tba 2020, 14h - 19h

More info here: Pimp Up Your Volca

Date and Time:

Saturday, tba 2020, 14h - 19h

Build your First DIY Noise Synthesizer - Weekend tba

More info here:

Date and Time:

Saturday & Sunday, tba 2020, 14h - 19h

Workshops of the Past

Plant Traces on Textile 10 & 13. Dez

Mit Corinna Mattner

Im Workshop eignen wir uns die unkonventionelle Technik des "bundle dye" an, bei dem die Blüten und Blätter ihre eigenen Spuren hinterlassen. Grundlagen über das Vorbereiten der Stoffe/ das fixieren der Farben, die chemischen Zusammenhänge und die Pflanzensystematik werden besprochen.

Du kannst im Verlauf des Kurses drei bis sechs Kleidungs- oder Stoffstücke bedrucken.

Am Ende öffnen wir gemeinsam die Bundles und staunen und vergleichen die Resultate.

Mehr dazu:

X-Mas Sticky Circuits Samstag 12. Dez and more

Preparing on this git repo:

BLinkeStikka flyer2.jpg



MechArtLab @ Bitwäscherei, ZWZ - Neue Hard 12, 3. Stock, 8005 Zürich

Date and Time:

Saturday, 12. December 2020, 14h - 18h and open end


This is a two stage workshop, starting with a more detailed introduction into designing and producing your own Sticky Circuit.

Part 1: Design and make your own Sticky Circuit

We will guide you through a detailed instructions for designing your own Sticky Circuit and producing them using photolithography and etching the copper clads.

Part 2: Solder your BlinkeShit X-Mas Sticky Circuit

From 18h onwards and other dates during the upcoming weeks

Learn how to solder a little x-mas present for your loved ones! For all people all ages!

Workshop Mentors

Zohar Messeca-Fara (IL)

Interaction designer, electronics practical engineer and audio visual experimentalist. Founder of RedbootkeH Experimental record label Since 2004. Lab manager at shenkar SE department since 2012 praxis in analog electronics, robotics, physical computing and wearables.

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr (CH)

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr is a nomadic researcher and workshopologist, Co-founder of SGMK and Ambassador of the Global Hackteria Network. He also loves synhtesizers and coconuts.


We suggest a donation of 40 - 80 CHF. Cash payment or Twint on site. All tools and materials are provided in the MechArtLab.

Limited Participants

Contact dusjagr to reserve your place in the workshop. Limited participation is 8 people, but you can also work in small groups.

registered participants:

  • Oli K
  • his friend Ralf
  • Mich (maybe some youngster from his youth center
  • Jochen and his 11 year old son
  • Simon (on-site)

More Information and Links

MycoLove, Mushroom growing Workshop - 19. Dec 13-18h

MycoLove -Workshop
Edible, remedy and healing of fungi - A workshop on indoor cultivation of mushroom and introduction to the healing benefits of fungi, including scientific background. Together we learn the basics of mushroom cultivation that will enable you to grow your own mycelium culture at home. We will show you with hands-on experience the principles of how fungi grows and give you an introduction into the more geeky side of fungi. Additionally there is a lecture and drink and food tasting on the remedy of fungi, introducing you into the healing aspect of mushrooms and its various species of edible and healing mushrooms.

The workshop comprises: - Lecture introduction on mycelium and technical aspects. - Active principle of some remedy mushrooms. - hands-on sterilization and inoculation to create mycelia - aperitif-dinner mushrooms based. Drinks and food provided All participants will take home two jars which we will inoculate together during the workshop

( oysters, 1. lions mane).

Disclaimer: the workshop does not entail psychedelics, and the provided mushrooms have to be considered as food supplements not official medicine. This workshop is also not about mushroom foraging and mushroom identification of wild growing species.

Cost: 150, reduced prize 100.-CHF

Participants: 14

materials: 2 jars each, straw& used coffee, pellets,

8-10 spore syringes (half pink oysters, half lions mane).

Additional learning materials are provided.

DIY LED-Neon Sign x-mas Edition- 20. Dec

More info here: DIY LED-NEON Signs

Date and Time:

Sunday, 20. Dec 2020, 17h - 21h

Signs bitw bestOf.jpg

An Idiot's Electrodibles - 22. Nov

Electrodible workshop.jpg

More info here:

Date and Time:

Sunday 22. Nov 2020, 17h - 20h

Make your own LED-Neon Sign - 10. Okt

LED-Neon workshopFlyer.jpg


MechArtLab @ Bitwäscherei, ZWZ - Neue Hard 12, 3. Stock, 8005 Zürich

Date and Time:

Saturday, 10. Oct 2020, 14h - 19h


Due to popular request, especially inside our new house of ZWZ, dusjagr will offer an introduction workshop on how to make your own LED-Neon sign. You will be introduced what's + and - on the LED, how to use different power supplies or batteries, how to control brightness and.... you will design and make your own LED-Neon sign. All tools and materials are provided in the MechArtLab.


As a special offer to the co-inhabitants of ZWZ the workshop is on a variable prizing model to cover dusjagr's time and the materials used. Depending on the size of your sign we suggest a donation of 40 - 80 CHF. For all non-ZWZ participant we suggest a prize from 60 - 120 CHF. Cash payment on site.

Limited Participants

Contact dusjagr to reserve your place in the workshop. Limited participation is 8 people, but you can also work in small groups to make a single sign together.


More Information and Links

More info and background here: DIY LED-NEON Signs#Bring Light to ZWZ - MechArtLab @ Bitwäscherei, 10. Okt 2020

Extra Session "Bring Light to ZWZ" - MechArtLab @ Bitwäscherei, Sunday 29. November 2020, 15h

Who is interested?

Special ZWZ edition, zusätzlicher Workshop Termin, tba

quite a few didnt Make it:

  • (hernani)
  • (t-shark)
  • (Laura)
  • (Seb)
  • (Tobi & Philippe von der ZZZZ)

Many responded on ZWZ telegram group!

  • KA ME
  • 0cartman0
  • Panni
  • Tobias H.

HEK - 8bit MixTape Workshop

Finally the 8bit MixTape is coming officially to Switzerland during the HEK - 8bit MixTape Workshop end of June 2015. Stay tuned for more info...

28. June 2015

8bit mixedTapev05.jpg

Mignon Gamekit

12. und 19. Oktober Mechartlab, Zürich

Workshop Files and slides see Mignon Gamekit Workshop

Cirkulino - Borut Savski

Cirkulino pic1.jpg

"My name is Cirkulino and I work on Arduino"

13 & 14. May 2013, 18-22h, MechArtLab, Zürich

see more about Cirkulino - Borut Savski

Sensing Place


see HeK 2012 - Sensing Place

Hands On AVR


see Hands On AVR


see SIDuino_i2c

Kubulu Arduino Workshop

FlyerMail2 Arduino.jpeg

see Kubulu Arduino Workshop

"X-Spirituaahl Sound Hacks" Workshop in Hong Kong

X-spirituaaal sound hacks flyer.jpg

see X-Spirituaahl Sound Hacks

Thymio-Show SGMK & Dock18 4. July 2014

see Thymio-Show 2014

10 Years BADABUM


about: make some noise!!!

MAKEAWAY WORKSHOP SHIFT festival basel 2011


see SHIFT_Festival_2011



see I, II and three

MAKEAWAY WORKSHOP fête de la cité paris 2011


see fête de la cité 2011

MAKEAWAY WORKSHOP electron festival geneva 2011


see Electron_Festival_2011

Pachube International Internet of Things Hackathon – April 8-9, 2011

Pachube hackathon 2 200.png

the boys & girls in london organised a lovely hackathon, time to open your hearts and minds and to join in:

  • timeframe: April 8, 2011 at 2pm (UK time) and ends on April 9, 2011 at 2pm (UK time). -> 08.04.2011 15:00 MEZ - 09.04.2011 15:00 MEZ
  • location: mechartlab
  • IRC chat: #pachube
  • organisation: PachubeHackathon2011