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Overview ucok-shenzhen.jpg


Online Showcases of PCBs

Cardboardelectrnics Collection of PCB projects curated by D. Kera and her "academic" article.

Other sources and methods

How to prepare the files


Go crazy and draw, paint, design your boards as you wish!

some inspriations here:

PIFcamp circuit Jesus.png

See some of our classics: File:MadLab_circuit_classics.pdf

MadLab 4093circuit Masks.png

Inkscape preparations

... still needs to be updated!

Example from ucok's Biosynth:

ShenzhenReady Inkscape-instruction.png

The cut-milled border should be 2mm, some pcb manufacturers then just use a 2mm tool. this will be the cheapest, but reduced resolution in the sharp corners.

Important files and formats to export

  • Export as bitmap the following layers: Copper, StopMask, SilkScreen
  • 600 or 1200 dpi has been shown to give good enough quality
  • Export the cut-out layer individually (copy into new file) as .dxf
  • (the drill layer is best made in KiCAD)

Special features for the mixtape

  • in GIMP you can use the color selection tool, Threshold 100 was good for yellow.
  • make sure you add white backgroun

Finalizing in KiCAD

First time KiCAD users

  • install and start KiCAD
  • Make a new project and define file path
  • Make a custom personal footprint library in KiCAD for your crazy footprints and logos

Import using Logo-Importer

  • Be careful white means it's there
  • double check negative/positive (no transparency!!)
  • click export
  • navigate into your personal library and name it understandibly
  • find generated using your file browser .kicad_mod in your personal library
  • Find/Replace with text editor to change to your wanted layer (F.Cu, F.Mask...)

Export all gerber files

check them here:

Panelizing for automated assembly

Send for manufacturing

  • Make extra notes to the manufacturer to use the file as is, or clarify all the weird shapes and layers.

Urs' favorite:

  • limited colors for silk screen.
  • around 1$ for our typical size of pcb.
  • delivery usually around 10-15 days, delivery and customs can add 20-40 $