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The Workgroup

The workgroup is the group of sgmk-members who actually and effectively run the label.

There are basically 3 types work:

  • Planing / communication / information
  • Decision making / discussion
  • Execution

All of these things will typically be done by the workgroup. There is an emphasis on "Decision making", since there are a LOT of questions to be answered and it is non-feasable to answer all of the question and make all decision including all of the SGMK members. But, every SGMK member has the right and the possibility to be involved to the same extent, by joining the workgroup.

Workgroup Members

  • Heck: founder
  • Alwin: founder
  • sva: orga/mgmt
  • Miranda Moss: Graphic designer -> TBD?
  • Mich: various
  • Oli J: support