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Bitwäscherei Aussen.jpg

The MechartLab of the SGMK will be relocating in April 2020 to a very large space near the Escher Wyss Platz, very close to Bahnhof Hardbrücke and Main Station. We will be joining forces with CCCzh, the Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz, the Linux User Group Schweiz and others. We are currently planning the workings of this space. Feel free to join the discussion on this mailinglist:

See our Documents Bitwäscherei here.

And the wiki for sharing amongst groups (temporary)

Grundriss 3OG.jpgGmap satellite.jpg

Planning the Move

MechartLab umbau.jpg


MechArtLab Infrastructure Available

Mechartlab map.jpg

See our old documentation on MechArtLab Infrastructure


Self-made wooden, painted tables, 200 x 50 cm, standard height 73cm

  • 4 x white
  • 3 x orange
  • 2 x black
  • 1 x white, height 83cm



  • 5 x white IKEA bleck, small
  • 2 x IKEA white, medium


  • 1 x Aktenschrank, 100 x 120cm large
  • 1 x Stahlschrank, 100 x 200cm
  • 1 x bookshelf, 100 x 160cm
  • 1 x large storage shelf (Lager)
  • 2 x large storage shelf (Lager)

Etching station

PCB Etching

Aetzanlage mechartlab.jpg

3d Printers

IMG 0083.jpg Ender3 MechArtLab.jpg



hier noch grad ein bischen SGMK Memoiren...

Wir haben uns ja OHNE space gegründet, Mobilität, Chiste Packe und flexibel temporär an diversen Orten ein Lab aufzubauen war und IST schon immer unsere Stärke. Grad im Vergleich zu vielen Spaces die sich da verhockt haben. Beispiele sind all unsere Workshops (die jetzt auch in ähnlicher Manier Actioncy weitergelebt habt), Festivals, Poolloop, FTW oder auch Kiblix in Maribor, wie auch unser jährliches HomeMade. Chiste Packe und Mobilität bewahren ist unser Motto!

  • 8 x Rako Kisten Gross
  • 12 x Rako Kisten Mittel

to be confirmed...

New Infrastructure

Movable and modular Workshop Tables

Thanks to Hackerspace Odenwilusenz!!

WorkshopTables modular.jpg

Sewing Shop

corner with good light, for sewing machines, clothes hacking, leather goods


WetLab va-studio.jpg

  • 2 x ChemieBank, big
  • 1 x ChemieBank, small
  • 1 x NassBank

ChemieBank ETH.jpgChemieBank small ETH.jpgNassBank ETH.jpg

  • Some walls from exhibition Lifepatch Kitchen Replica

Lifepatch replikaWalls.jpgLifepatch replika 3D.jpg


  • 3 x grey Korpus with wheels

RollKorpus ETH.jpg

Boaz' stuff


Also know as Center for Alternative Coconut Research aka dusjagr's stuff: mixtapes, coconuts and nanobiotechnology

CNC-board adding LED-tube Done.jpg



  • more shelves --> jana° gave sturdy metal shelves to Beringen/Odenwilusenz, have some spares to give to bitwäscherei

Cozy Factors

  • a kitchen (incl. dishes/cutlery, tools etc. incl dry goods storage, for communal cooking i.e. more than 1 person cooks)
  • aquarium?
  • soft furniture, cushions
  • quiet, cozy area with soft lighting
  • games/social area
  • many many fun lampshades
  • ...

Laser Cutter

  • Maybe we can get the one from Beringen via Christoph?

Grosse Einweihung und GV im neuen Space