KitSprint ANORG 2018

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More info coming soon....


Another upcoming Kit-Sprint Yogyakarta!!! 27-29. July 2018

What is it about

Let's look into remaking some of our kits and classic SGMK style PCBs, make them Shenzhen Ready, make new ones using the DIY-CAD method, prepare them for one-click orders using, PCB-way, mouser shopping lists etc...


Date: 23-25. Feb 2018, and after-session

Starting on Friday late afternoon....

Hacking geeking until Sunday Night. Food and drinks will be provided through SGMK new productions budget!! hurray!!!

Everybody is welcome to stay a few more days at ANORG to continue their projects or just geek around. kinda call it Homemade WinterCamp :-)

Location: ANORG, Hohlstrasse 612, Zürich, Switzerland

Atelier ANORG


Available from dusjagr and ANORG

  • Etching facility, UV lamp
  • PCB material
  • dusjagr's stock of materials and tools
  • access to all we need from MechArtLab
  • Many working tables
  • crappy 3d Printern µ-Delta from dusjagr
  • Power sockets

I will bring

  • Platinen-Schere (ordered by dusjagr)
  • put stuff here
  • erfindergarden electronics-library
  • microbits
  • microbit screws

Laser Werkstatt

Yes, it's working again!! a little intro is on Friday evening.

Experimental KitchenLab

Preparing for the ANORG bistro Fertig there are looads of kitchen utentsils to experiment with food and all kinda other cooking stuff.


We can host up to 5-6 people comfortably somewhere in our studio! Bring a sleeping bag. extra matraces can also be sourced from our studio.



  • ANORG Fertig


  • Marc Dusseiller
  • Stahl
  • Gaudi - 23./24. Feb. (25. het Medea Geburi), plan to stay the night from 24.-25 hacking as I want to send stuff out on Sunday.
  • Oli
  • Petra
  • Ewe
  • Kaspar (
  • David Craven
  • michi?
  • Claude W.?
  • Felix B is present on Friday and
  • Livia M on Sunday
  • Emily?
  • Bernhard
  • Laura
  • Radomir
  • Andreas Kopp et al (24 + 25)

--> did not make a pcb yet but design pencil holder ([1])

  • Jana
  • Kent
  • tamberg
  • tony stamm


BOM Builder

I've put up an alpha version of a BOM building software at Happy to help people make use of it.

DIY-CAD (Children Aided Design)

Paper based PCB design tool for creative circuits. DIY-CAD

dusjagr developed this design-kit for making creative and diverse PCB designs collaboratively as an idea to promote Open Science Hardware during the GOSH meeting in Chile, March 2017. See more notes about DIY-CAD on this wiki.

Let's make new design Kits for other circuits!!

Kicad bitmap import for Shenzhen Ready

See this repo by Iyok

It works, but many steps... Shenzhen Ready

svg2shenzhen by Budi Prakosa

See also

Fritzing svg import

need to figure out. Radomir?


let's test this!

"This is a small program to convert Inkscape SVG drawings to KiCad footprint module files. It uses cjlano's python SVG parser and drawing module to interpret drawings and approximate curves using straight line segments. Module files can be output in KiCad's legacy or s-expression (i.e., pretty) formats. Horizontally mirrored modules are automatically generated for use on the back of a 2-layer PCB."


You can find all the files on the SGMK github and on

microNoise re-issued, vintage edition

To Do:

  • improve BOM


To Do:

  • wrong BOM

ChaosLooper revised

To Do:

  • BOM

Re-design of Faubel and Spahn's NeurePOP Paper-Circuits

best to make this one to get started:

Vivibot Arduino Roboter

Vivibot ist ein Workshop, wo wir in 2 Tagen einen Roboter bauen. Die bestehende Platine ist ein Motorshield für Arduino UNO.

Am KitSprint habe ich eine Neue Platine fertig gemacht, inspiriert von der Freibot-Platine. Die Nanovivi-Platine ist abwärts-kompatibel mit der original-Vivibot-Platine, hat jedoch mehr Sensoren und Sound.

Put your idea here

- Plan to finally make the ChaosLooper and/or the BitBadge 2.0 shenzhen ready (gaudi)