Hacker-in-Residence Programme

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The Hacker-in-Residence Programme is jointly organized by various people from the environment of Bitwäscherei, and directed primarily by Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr, Center for Alternative Coconut Research, in his role as as co-founder and board member of both the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society and Global Ambassador of the Hackteria Network.


Shih Wei-chieh (Taipei, Taiwan) - 11. September - 1. November 2023

Abao with amazing haircut

施惟捷 Shih Wei Chieh works with wearable art, e-textile, and laser audiovisual. He is also a self-taught material science researcher. His "Laser Dye Project" innovates an optical textile printing method by programmable laser projector and New Cyanotype solution, which inspire him to explore the trans-disciplinary collaboration between new medias and traditional craft techniques. He’s the founder of “Tribe Against Machine”, a project exploring how culture preservation works with modern technologies. His current research develops a DIY dye sensitized solar glass made with natural dye in a large size format, which is used for both energy and as a smart interface for sonic art.

Application to NanoArts grant done / not received :-(: https://www.hackteria.org/wiki/Prep-NanoArts

Now combined with Workshop at Energy Giveaway @ WEAREAIA, to be held on 22/23 September 2023.

More info is documented on the hackteria wiki: https://www.hackteria.org/wiki/Abao_Residency

In preperation

Moch Hasrul (Jakarta, Indonesia) - tbd

Check artlink: https://www.suedkulturfonds.ch/

Testimonials of our Residents of the past

Helmi Hardian (Surabaya, Indonesia) - Mid July - Mid August 2023 | BIR residensi

Helmi in his full beauty

Best residency ever!! - Helmi

Helmi Hardian is a grassroots artist and ghetto scientist, with a specific interest in cooking and smoking at the same time. He lives in Surabaya, the city that is well known for its industry and technology, as well as being the center of electronic component trading (chiefly, Pasar Genteng). Hence, almost all of his works are closely related to science and technology as the medium of creativity. He is the co-founder of Waft Lab, a creative-based initiative that works at interdisciplinary practices. Currently, he focuses on tech development through DIY/DIWO culture and playing his role in researching, hacking, or deconstructing daily materials to provide some devices with new functional aspects, as well as developing workshop kits, lecturing contents, and presentation materials, which aim to learn, share, and exchange knowledge.

Arnont Nongyao - Thailand | early May 2023

Arnont Nongyao


Arnont Nongyao lives in Chiangmai (TH) - Ho Chi Minh city (VN) and He is an artist interested and fell in love with the vibration of things. He likes listening to everything that inspires him to do experimental sound art. The most important teacher “the master Khvay Loeung "inspired him to listen and “destroy yourself from being yourself” .-.. .. ... - . -. -.-- --- ..- .-. ... . .-.. ..-.

Born in Bangkok, works and lives in Chiangmai (TH) - Ho Chi Minh city (VN). Arnont is working with various and different media includes sound, video, installation, site specific, public art etc. Arnont’s work is engage with his interest in vibration; he works on diverse art experimental projects, vibration-related.

Arnont has been interested and research into sound with concentration on vibration, so most of his works are differently experimental and relative to vibration in order to search for the value of vibration derived from connected things, such as human beings, objects and society. His works are involved in a specific space and audience’s participation. They are also connected with the mode of listening/hearing in a social situation, and with how people interact with and participate in sound. Moreover, also he is Co-Director of Aesthetics of Error ( Chiang Mai Collective) with Thatchatham Silsupan and Pathompong Manakitsomboon that is a group of sound artists & musician working on sound art & experimental music in Chiangmai.

Some of his selected exhibitions include solo exhibition “Sphere”, SAC Art lap, Chiang Mai, Thailand(2018).“Another Sound” co-work with Khvay Loeung, Sa Sa Art projects, Phnom Penh and Chiang Mai, Cambodia - Thailand (2018). and group exhibitions “Opera of Kard”, Singapore Biennale 2019, Singapore. “Currents 2019”, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. “A Visiblelity Matrix”, The Secession 2019, Vienna, Austria. Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, Bangkok, Thailand. “Postcripts” Bangkok Biennale, Bangkok, Thailand (2018).“Unstable(ry) Life”, 2016, Manif d’art, Quebec, Canada. 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015: Test Exposure, Wroclaw, Poland, TRANCE at Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand (2014). PROXIMITY, part of inSPIRACJE International at 13 MUZ, Szczecin, Poland (2014).

External Links

Arnont lötet das Mixerli!!

Bostjan Čadež (Ljubljana, Slovenia - April 2023

Bos Robot.jpg

Bostjan Čadež (b. 1979, Ljubljana) is a new media artist whose interdisciplinary practice explores the intersections of art, technology, and human experience. His innovative installations and performances often challenge the boundaries between the digital and physical world, incorporating elements such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, and real-time data processing. Čadež’s art is characterized by a dynamism and unique life that stems from the algorithms and guidelines he uses to shape his works. His interest in simple guidelines from which an infinite number of images or situations arise, which are never the same as before, is one of the key aspects of his creations. His works often include interaction with viewers, who with their involvement become part of the artistic experience and at the same time co-create the work they observe.

Dann Disciglio (Chicago, USA) & Angelina Almukhametova (Chicago, USA) - March 2022

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the Hacker-in-Residence program at the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society. The atmosphere of curiosity and artistic research was both inspiring and endlessly encouraging. During my residency, I led a workshop called, “Biodegradable Sound: Gelatin Records.” This hands-on workshop aimed to explore the intersection of recorded sound and biodegradability by introducing a method for creating functional and fully biodegradable phonograph records made from gelatin. The Swiss Mechatronic Art Society and its diverse group of members not only helped facilitate this workshop, they supported me by offering the resources and technical support needed to realize the event. My residency also produced various connections with other artists, musicians, and hackers which I continue to maintain to this day. I cannot wait to return to SGMK to continue to explore new topics of research, and continue picking the brains of the incredible community who stands behind this space”

During their short residency they will work on their research with parametric speakers, host a workhop on "Biodegradable Sounds" and do a performance with artist-made video transmitters, and retro tech!

See this little add by the Hive people, where in the end they show the workshop and performance: https://peakd.com/hive-127039/@mind.force/ladjdnnz

Angelina Almukhametova

An G is a Chicago based neon artist who creates digital & physical works in pursuit of happiness.

Angelina Almukhametova’s work interfaces digital and analog technologies with custom built software and handmade electronics to create responsive audiovisual installations and performances. She holds a BFA in Art and Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2020) and has exhibited work and performed in New York City, Chicago, Houston, and Iceland. She has led workshops at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.


Dann Disciglio

Headshot Disciglio.jpg

Dann Disciglio (b.1993) is a US-based intermedia artist whose practice investigates contemporary ecologies through both analog and digital technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College (2015) in art and media theory and a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Sound Department (2019). Disciglio has shown work and performed in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Zürich, Leipzig, Iceland, and Panama City and has published texts in the Journal of Visual Culture (SAGE) and the Minding Nature journal. In 2022, he was selected to be an Emerging Artist Resident at Franconia Sculpture Park (Shafer, MN), Hacker-in-Residence at the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (ZRH), and as a Creative Resident at the Bloedel Reserve (WA).


Miranda Moss (Cape Town, South Africa | wuwäähä, Sweden)

Artist / designer Miranda has been popping into SGMK events since 2017. In the period 2020-21 she has been conducting chicken/robot research at Bitwäscherei and Randelab as part of the "Chicken-in-Residence Program", along with Daniel Brownell, co-ran a solar water bot workshop with Dj Livia, joined the Homemade summercamp for the first time where she turned everyone's pee into electricity, continues to collaborate on sound and water geeking with Oli Jäggi, and regularly comes to the 2D OpenLab. She has also become the in-house graphic designer for events, always makes sure everyone has enough beer to drink, and is also the resident anticolonial feminist killjoy.

She says:

"I'm super grateful to have had all the time as a hacker in residence at the Bitwäscherei. I am always meeting new amazing and inspiring people, am constantly learning cool things, and new projects and collaborations seem to blossom exponentially. I try to take the spirit of the lab with me on all my travels and to the other global communities I am involved in. Can't wait to return!"

Miranda's recent residency was supported partially through her artistic research project "Gallus Gallus Roboticus" within the konS paltfrom, funded by European Union and Cultural Ministry of Slovenia. Other visits privately and partially through Pro Helvetia.

Scott Beibin (Philadelphia, USA)

Scott Beibin, aka Groucho Fractal has been a regular visitor to the MechArtLab over the last couple of years.

Liz Cole - Evil Twin Booking Agency (Philadelphia, USA)

Elizabeth Jane Cole is co founder of Evil Twin Booking Agency (eviltwinbooking.org), a podcast producer, writer, and DIY biology and open source hardware enthusiast. She participated in the Wild Open PCR Project @ Hacketeria (mentored by Urs Gaudenz of GaudiLabs and Marc Dusseiller).

"I’m very grateful for the time I spent at Bitwäscherei! The passion for collaboration and understanding how things work embodied in the culture of the space is so inspiring. Bitwäscherei empowers people to explore their environments through building open source tools and technology, and it opened up a new world of creativity for me."

Liz hacking.jpegLiz portrait.jpeg

Adam Zaretsky (Woodstock, USA | somewhere in Greece)

First I am thankful to Hackteria – Zentrum für Experimentelle Transdisziplinarität (Center for Experimental Transdisciplinariy), Research Node: ReproTech & Art / Germline Hacks and Designer Babies

Including time spent well in the Swiss Embassy of San Francisco and Garage MCA in Moscow working on Methods of Transgenesis and GMO DIY Crispr Baby workshopoligies.

I also do want to than the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society for the time in residence plotting and making a crying machine and exploding miso neck living gooper gore bioart special effects performance.

We got into the wetness of reproductive technology, open source science, and the text to flesh interface of human germline genome editing. We learned how to read GENbank, FASTA, PubMed and SciHub pubs creatively. We got beyond the intimidating complexity by uploading equally as complex analogical and qualitative artistic data including: accordion music, drawings, collages, poetry and experimental video and more.

We involved people from wildly diverse backgrounds and international origins as is normal for Hackteria a global open house for odd, queer and oblique DIYbioart Hacker tweek and freekerz. We also group-geeked hard and stayed ridiculous about reporter genes, safe harbors, inducible promoters, off target mutations and IVF microinjection.

What we did was amazing. Like truly groundbreaking, wildly silly and depth informative. Beyond the call of duty living on the fumes of Marc's covid pay and minky little eth donations... We taught hybrid simultaneous in-person and online/off--ground... which is a form of super depleting heroism. I think it was super inspiring for those involved and has yet to mature but will make a great database if it continues.

Mind thGAP

We made three super relaxed bioinformatics primer labs for public understanding of databases of hereditary data (gene scans and gene scrolls) but also an understanding of the social implication of issues of gene piracy, genetic privacy.

  • Lab 1 - Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project (thGAP)
  • Lab 2 - Generic Open-Source Plasmid for Human Arts (GOSPHA)
  • Lab 3 - Creative Germline Constructs Bank (CGCB)

Future Plans: We are going to be making an Open ArtSci Call for Creative Science Fiction Writers, Citizen Bioethicists and Untrained Art Critics to critically review the 5 entries we have compiled online on the CGDB. After that we might put some of the results up on GitHub and then make an NFT of them. Then we will call the World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts, for a GLOBAL AESTHETIC RESPONSE TO TRANSGENIC HUMANS AS BIOART and work on updating to a ‘real’ database. Oh yeah, and we did come up with a list of fifteen next steps, all of which are near impossible legally and technically so we should. Finally, we wrote a letter to the WHO Expert Advisory Committee on Developing Global Standards for Governance and Oversight of Human Genome Editing. No word back from them but I am sure they got the message. We might need to get their attention.


Adam's residency was supported privately by Marc Dusseiller and partially with some of the profits of the Hackteria Crypto Food Fund (HCFF).

Dominik Mahnič (Ljubljana, Slovnenia)

Residency gives me rare opportunity to present, discuss and make different new works influenced by people, the enviroment of Bitwesherai and the city of Zurich. It was an intense experience in a place that offers great working conditions, deep reflections, and a friendly atmosphere.

Mahnic klobukom.jpgZoom 2020 by doms.jpg

Dom's residency was supported privately by the Center for Alternative Coconut Research.

Zohar Messeca - Fara AKA the idiot | idiot.io (karkun, Israel)

I have been very lucky to escape the israeli wilderness between Covid lockdowns to spend long month’s geeking like an idiot at the Bitwäscherei hackerspace and SGMK activities of the past year. Had great time sharing my DIY approach and attitude with my latest flexible circuits methods and techniques while spreading idiot.io latest kits and propaganda at multiple workshops. Met plenty of talented local and international freaks/artists with mutual interests and curiosities. Also collaborated on several projects with the locals and made plenty of new friends!!

SGMK network is fantastisch!!! See you soooon!!

Zohar's residencies were supported by himself. Accommodation was shared with dusjagr and Veli.

Short term visitors

Juan Duarte (Berlin / CDMX, Mexico)

Sound spatialisation multichannel instrument

During our short stay I could develop further a new iteration of this sound spatialisation instrument:

This also was thrilling to connect with some members of the community in the lab, specially those who are also making with synthesisers and other sound gadgetry. Although the time to put together the instrument was quite intensive and busy, it was also good to discuss with other colleagues about the instrument’s potential in future. altogether, it was a very productive and fun experience to be here.


Mary Maggic (Vienna / Los Angeles, USA)

Mary Maggic comes to hang out and prototype various art projects and interventions, and geek out in nature!

Some examples of projects:

  • Molecular Queering Agency - an experimental performance with a heavy metal hardware fountain for corona safe urine worshipping.
  • Lap Dance - motorized panorama camera for collective disobedience on a pink gynecology chair.
  • SCOBY Spin Cycle - rotating disc bioreactor for industrialized production of kombucha scoby.
  • Genital Panic - 3D printing genitals.
  • Weed Brownies (hide them from the kids).

Ewen Chardronnet (Paris, France)

Paula Pin (Lugo, Spain)

František Apfelbeck (Czech Republic / Vale de Saire, France)

When in Zürich I've had the opportunity to organize Cider Tasting at MechArtLab, which for me, is an interesting cross between hackerspace and bio hacking spot with quite a strong artistic approach. For me of course I liked a lot that they do lots of bio stuff, from kombucha artificial skin production, mushroom growing and many others to fermentation so when I've a chance I would like to visit again. Also I've found the building, which is a formal hospital laundry facility very interesting. I would say there are well over ten different projects of the alternative scene which makes a decent foundation for exchange and functioning as kind of independent entity. At the end we have set up outside just by the entrance of the building and were "fishing" for some people to join the core group for our noble activity spending a really nice evening together with open minded people. Next day I've actually joined the MechArtLab group on their trip to Saint Gallen were we have done another tasting event as part of the open doors of Ruum 42 hackerspace and theirs SGMK On-Tour: Chill & Taste happening, fallowed later on by tasting of distillates made by local producer, barbecuing experimental locally made sausages by their creators and so on. It was a really nice finishing of the Switzerland part of my tour and I hope I can pop in again.