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The Homemade summercamp is 1 week of DIY soldering & geeking fun. The participants work on individual or group projects on music, robotics, visuals and other art related topics. During this participative self-organized research week we will do workshops and talks, run experiments, cook & eat together, party and relax


25.7. - 2.8.2022


Gruppenhaus Alp Wang, 8842 Unteriberg

Gruppenhaus Alp Wang


fee for the whole week

SGMK Members CHF 295.-

non SGMK Members CHF 345.-

daily fee 50.-

the fee includes food, accommodation and basic material. Please consider to increase the amount if you stay the whole 9 days.


mail to homemade@sgmk-ssam.ch


Train from Zurich HB to Einsiedeln (via Wädenswil)

Bus to Hoch-Ybrig, Talstation Weglosen

You can walk to Alp Wang (without a roller case) but we will try to do a shuttle service


Please add your notes and thoughts here!

Maybe go for a walk? Or even a hike with a night, too?

Plan for the week



Less is more, is less is more! DIY BIO-ELECTROCHEMICAL ART with anaerobic microbes + low power electronicsRefturing our imaginations when it comes to energy generation, electrical technologies, waste, and the power dynamics which permeate these narratives , is at the core of this ongoing project. Uncovering wild electricity - in this workshop in the form of Microbial Fuel Cells made from non-specialist and environmentally friendly materials - and seeing what and how we can power things with them. Making our own electricity from scratch, the workshop aims to empower end users of electricity, while questioning the mainstream narratives of production, storage, transmission and consumption of this incredible force. Working within the magical world of microbes, we can gain a deeper respect for these vital organisms, while investigating how electronics can work with such low power. Aiming to demystify these disciplines, this workshop highlights aspects regarding DIY biotechnology, symbiosis, climate emergency, human-microbe relations, and the problematics in the history of the development of electricity and electronics.

follow the documentation on the hackteria wiki, here: https://www.hackteria.org/wiki/Kraut_Source_Energy

Kids Holiday Camp

Less screentime, more outdoors activities, e.g.

  • Swimming excursions to Seeblisee
    • sva can give swimming lessons for Kraulen, Brustschwimmen and Butterfly
  • Building a tree house
  • Hiking excursions

LED blinkeshit

sva got a box full of LED-stripe-thingies (die dünnen Drähte), marc will bring some electronics for them and we can make funny structures! Can anyone bring some small pieces of lichtfolie or similiar? Not much needed, LEDs are pretty small.

Neopixel und Arduino Intro

 -> LED-stripes,
    also: single LEDs - connect them yourself :-(
 3 (4) connections:
 - 5V (!!! some: 12V)
   lot of LEDs -> 5V from extern Arduino required
 - GND
 - Data in (!!! take care of direction - see arrows)
 - !!! some stripes require additionally clock
 Arduino: install FastLED library, if not already there
          (Menu -> Tools -> ManageLibraries ...)
          !!! some libraries require other ones
 Menu -> File -> Examples -> FastLED ...
 colors: R(ed)G(reen)B(lue)
         easy: just use CRGB::Red, ...
               -> predefined RGB colors
 adressing the LEDs:
 #define NUM_LEDS 20
      |  RGB  |  RGB  |  RGB  |  ... ...  |  RGB  |
       leds[0] leds[1] leds[2]             leds[NUM_LEDS-1]
            '-> close to dataIn                 '-> far from dataIn
      !!! adresses from 0 to NUM_LEDS-1
 leds[0] = CRGB::Red;   etc.
 !!! do not forget
     FastLED.show ();

Leonardo da Vinci Constructions

sva will bring a ton of Glace-Stäbli that are prepared to create Leonardo da Vinci structures. We can just have one table where one can play around with it at all times.

Learn FreeCAD

I want to learn FreeCAD https://www.freecad.org/ & https://wiki.freecad.org/ and happy if others are joining! I have a particular project in the line, more details on site... :P

Woolen Wires! Bring Wool / Wolle!

Next level from last years workshop of wiring cables with wool. sva created some new techniques which can be explored and tested (bring wool! I didnt manage to buy some more in time :( )

Kid Champs Hack Camp

Kid-organized Hackspace

We adults bring the infrastructure e.g. power, tools, ideas and space. You(r) kids run it. Parent supervision provided.

You can play with your friends in the real world. You can create stuff digitally and print it out. You can make or do things together with your parent. You can share your interests with the other kids.

You will have to give up your phones, computers and whatnot during most of the day, just as you would at home. Unless you are using them for something specific. Remember: Machines are just tools and the recommended screen time per day for a 12 year old is 1h ;)

Game Publishing for Kids

Closing Event

31.07.2022 Performances and Party on our second last day


HOME MADE 2022 Participants