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You need something on the shopping list? put it here:
You need something on the shopping list? put it here:
== Oli J ==
== Oli J ==

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Home-Made Hauptseite

List of Homemade 2021 participants, use prename or online handle as you like. Note that any information given is publicly available.

Write about your projects and wishes, what you will bring and what you will need, what you know and want to share/present/do a workshop, what you want to learn, if you need a lift to Petit Vivy or have free space in your car, etc.

Use this site for organising rideshares. Please add yourself if you can provide or are in need. Dont forget to add contact details!

You need something on the shopping list? put it here: https://sgmkcloud.ocloud.de/index.php/s/qyK8YyD4EH7tG7j

Oli J

What I do: work on ghetto blaster and LED stuff

What I bring: some synths, small mixer and PA

What I need: help with charching multiple cell LIPOs / a KiCAD workshop would be nice

Urban B

What I do: improving the code for FlashDisc, testing Audio-Setup and Tone-Switching

What I bring (if I can carry it all): Cameo 3 Blade Cutter for cutting and gluing flat or folded paper objects. I will bring my harp and modular effects.

What I need: transport from Pensier/Courtepin or Freiburg (Saturday or Sunday)

Ralf (Cologne)

What I do: work on sound and kintic stuff (acoustic-mechanic instruments) & will experiment with self-swinging & singing monochord instruments and long wires (together with Uwe S.).

What I bring: small preamps and mixer, coils, motors, tiny instruments, tiny activ speaker

What I need: a sleeping mattress, pcb etching machine


What I do: working on Mi2Pixel / WLED, building Wemos PCB for WLED. Translating banofbot to german. learning vidifold (iqsynth).

What I bring: tent, NI Maschin/Jam, old dlp-beamer (for indoor use)

What I need: ride from public transport.

Philipp S

What I do: Working on a raspberry pi mushroom growing setup (various environment sensor & control of airflow and humidity). Will try to find some mushrooms or mycelium in nearby forests.

What I bring: tent, bike, some sound & usb/midi controllers (can bring a small beamer if useful for anyone)

What I need: flat place for the tent & if there are some basic components (resistors & co) i'm more than happy

Claude W

What I do: i work on my synths and EFX units as always

What I bring: my working material and a

             Workshop: a Moog Low Pass Filter +-12V

What I need: a place to sleep and transport from the next train station

Christoph K

What I do:

  • Taking Fotos and Videos (as always) maybe Live-Streaming

What I offer:

  • Shuttle transfer (between train station and castle)
  • Ride from Zurich/Baden-Region to Petit-Vivy

What I bring:

  • Cameras, Video Mixer, Mics ++
  • My Car

What I need:

  • having a good time with you (to compensate this long time of social distancing)

Simon F

What I do:

  • Radio controlled things (planes and stuff)
  • Arduino based USB MIDI controller
  • Rotary phone door answering box thingy

What I offer:

  • Shuttle transfer (between train station and castle)
  • Ride from Zurich Petit-Vivy for 2-3 people or material (Sunday)
  • Ride from Zurich Petit-Vivy for 2-3 people or material (probably Sunday as well)

-> contact me if you need a ride from zurich: simon.frei@pm.me

What I bring:

  • Wühlkiste with microcontrollers, components, etc.
  • Various tools and materials, power cables, LiPo charger
  • Some rc planes and multicopters
  • Ultimaker Original 3d printer
  • Video projector and raspi retro console / controllers
  • Car

What i could bring

  • I have a box with Gbit switches and ethernet cables, do we need that? Usually used for LAN parties.
    • comment from sva: I dont think we'd need this as there will be 4G only, no local network available... whats rather important is power-wiring, if you have? :)

Alwin und Kathrin

What we do:

  • music, researching and crochet stuff

What we offer:

  • providing kindness
  • helping with the final event
  • solder workshops
  • crochet workshops

What we bring:

  • different noise toys kits (SCREAMO - DistortionSynth | LDERROR - DroneSynth | DirtyDelay - CircuitBent Delay PCB)
  • lots of UV light active wool
  • some electric instruments to play with

What we need:

  • a place to sleep without bringing tent or other sleeping stuff from dresden (prefer bringing technic)
  • some cbd weed ;)

Gandalf & Max

What I do: LEDs & optics

What I bring: Campervan, LEDs, optics

What I need: Love


What I do: Logic, Calm, Intensity What I bring:

  • Veloaanhaenger mit Haerrykupplung

What I need: see gandalf. also to see gandalf


  • What I do: save-the-world-things ;) & orga-support for the whole event, esp build-up+tear-down & the 7at7-show!
  • What I bring: tent, lamps, wiring; many projects, see last years list, but this time I am prepared for NOT getting many things done on site ;)
  • What I need: (your?) car to serve as a shuttle-driver


What I do: Coding for 3D Printing, Live 3d Visuals

          Workshop: a Live Data Dancing in R-Studio / CRAN - Package rgl

What I bring: Lötstation; mobile Data-Installation (Blinky & Displays) ganze Zeit interaktiv

What I need: Beamer (projector!!!) for Musikbegleitung; 3D Printer (nimmt jemand?) + Filament; genug Verlängerungskabel


  • What I do: Soldering, Programming, SDR(?)
  • What I bring: HackRF One, DVB-T receiver, ESP
  • What I need: transport from/to train station


  • What I bring: Mobile studio setup, good monitoring, 24 line in/out, 4 preamps, figure 8, omni, cardioid, synths, drummachines, FX, sequencers, modular rig, small mastering rig.
  • What I need: everybodiez zoundz and noizez ;)


  • What I do: Biohacking for Community lab Hackuarium, enabling DIT (do it together) projects
  • What I bring: interest (also musical) and some oFoldscope kits (about 6?) for possible (between 2-4 August) half-hour workshop on seeing the invisible
  • What I need: to keep learning... I will have my tent, and another Hackuarium member, Esther, may also come to join in the fun! we might drive up, with just a couple of nights to be there, and can do shuttling if needs be! =)

Markus S

What I do:

  • experimental work Bluetooth / Arduino
  • joining Ralf's / Uwe's monochord / long wire work
  • swimming in the lake

What I bring:

  • 3 (old standard) Bluetooth adapters for Arduino


  • I'll sleep in my car.
  • I'll come for 3-4 days - maybe longer.