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The Homemade summercamp is 1 week of DIY soldering & geeking fun. The participants work on individual or group projects on music, robotics, visuals and other art related topics. During this participative research week we will do workshops and talks, run experiments, cook & eat together, swim, party and relax


31.7. - 8.8.2021


Please add your notes and thoughts here!


Ralf / Cologne --> "Singing-String" (Monochord Workshop)

I already had the singing string in my luggage last year. Now it can be built. The singing string is a simple monochord built with an electronic circuit that makes the string play by itself. Funny instrument for noisy & industrial sound experiments and as harmonic drone machine. http://ralfschreiber.com/Saiten_Experimente.html

Rainbow guide to the Darknet

Howto navigate safely in the Tor-Network with https://tails.boum.org/. Hands-on workshop possible. (bring a Laptop and a bootable usb-stick)

Hacking the human energy field

[Mich] practical energyfield-hacking experience/workshop


sva: reclaim your data

Markus S --> Bluetooth and Arduino (depending on how far I'll get with this)

flo k. --> hipster on 33.3 rpm all you want to know about vinyl (and only get stupid answers from the music industry)

topics and questions like: - how vinyl records are made. short history. - how and where they are made today. situation is switzerland. - the difference between lacquer master, dmm cut polycarbonate one off and dubplate - how to DIY vinyl. - why takes it 9-12 month for a release right now? and how to avoid that - do's and dont's if you plan to produce a viny record - does a 180g record sounds better? ..... no i wont expain, why vinyl sounds better than MP3...


Hecks Recording And Production Service

The idea is to produce a whole LP/Album: "The sounds of the homemade" during the camp (Title sucks, contest below).

I will host and provide an ad-hoc, guerilla style recording and production studio for 24/7 jamming and recording. The will be a schedule (on paper) where we can organise the sessions. When there are no scheduled sessions, this room can be used for jamming, but also i want to emphasize production/DAW/sounddesign/re-composing/arranging etc... and of course there is always preparation and post production work to be done.

So, the jam is just the beginning of the journey of the sounds :)

Therefore, all audio material recorded will be under the Creative Commons license "CC BY-SA". This ensures that anything can happen to the sounds you donated. But dont worry if you have particular ideas about the end result of the your recording, i will do my best to satisfy these, of course :)

The are absolutely no limitations on genre or format or anything, everything "audible" counts as a record, we can do 1 take tracks, overdubs, create sample collections, do sounddesign session together, faire une bricollage avec les pieces dans le DAW, flip the whole track in reverse as the key mastering decision... et VOILA!

ALBUM TITLE IDEAS: Lets collect some freaky titles, best one wins.

  • The sounds of the homemade (bad title, sorry)
  • HomeMadeNoiz
  • the flying slug
  • slushy flies


Day From To What
Sat 31-Jul-2021 12:00 ... Arrival and unpacking
Sun 01-Aug-2021
Mon 02-Aug-2021 14:00 introduction round
Tue 03-Aug-2021 ongoing all kits soldered e-bow (Ralf)
Wed 04-Aug-2021 11:30



Seeing the invisible: Talk on "The corona detective" (Rachel)

Vinyl Talk (Flo)

Rainbow guide to the Darknet (Mich)

Thu 05-Aug-2021 13:00





mushroom talk (Philippe)

mushroom walk (Marco)

Short Waves Talk (Wolf)

Noise ToysnSolder session (Alwin)

DIYSECT Screening (Mary)

Fri 06-Aug-2021 14:00




Flash disk (Urban)

Pizza lunch workshop (Nicolas)

Flexible Sticky PCB (Zohar)

Interfacing New Heavens Online Event (Miranda)

Sat 07-Aug-2021 19:00 20:00 7at7 Live Stream http://7at7.digital/
21:00 ... Live Performances
Sun 08-Aug-2021 09:00 12:00 Cleaning, packing up and say good bye

notes on cleaning https://md.ha.si/sgmk#


Petit-Vivy 12
1783 Barberêche (Courtepin)

Coordinates: 46°51′57″N 7°10′20″E

There is also a lake (Schiffenensee) pretty close by, not very easily accessible, but possible to get into it with a few minutes walk.

Rooms & places

We are not directly at the castle (ppl live there!), but in a house next to it. We can use parts of the castle for particular things / events in addition, also some of the rooms for accommodation, see below. Generally this is just a draft and subject to change! See also planning notes below.

  • Outside hackcenter: huge space with a roof, perfect for hacking & making, and maybe also for eating?
  • Second floor of hackcenter: second level hackcenter? (parts further up are sleeping spaces?)
  • Kitchen & living room: might serve for food, but might be too small. Rather for workshops etc?
  • Roof-space: big room indoors perfectly serves for workshops & talks (might be hot in there in the summer, we'll see)
  • Garage 1: nearly without windows, maybe a nice dark-room-area for music and such?
  • Garage 2: with windows and heating, also a workshop / making / hackcenter area or so? Or also music, to keep it a bit "aside"?
  • Scheune (barn): HUUUUUUUGE hall, not sure if we even need it at all...? Maybe also as sleeping space?
  • Castle-tower: Might serve for a special BBQ-event or alike?
  • Castle-taverne: Might be a good place for music-installation (if acoustics serve that at all?)


(see more in Planning notes)

  • There are enough chairs and a few tables available on site.
  • The house has a normal household-kitchen which is unequipped. There is a Gas-BBQ-Thingy that also can serve for 1 big pot in addition.
  • The house has around 4-5 Bathrooms, mostly with shower.

Sleeping possibilities

  • There are around 5 rooms in the farmhouse that can serve as sleeping rooms only - we will organize mattresses, please bring your own sleeping bag or a blanket!
  • There are 3-4 proper "hotel room like" 2-bed rooms in the castle which can be used for ppl with special needs (e.g. families)
  • There is space to set up a tent
  • There is plenty of open "attic" space that would serve perfectly as sleeping places (bring your own bedding!)
  • There are many more minor options, choose yourself on site!
  • Let the Orga know what you'd like to do:
    • A) tent,
    • B) bring your bedding and choose your place,
    • C) you want one of our mattresses in the shared rooms,
    • D) you need a proper bed (very limited)
    • E) you sleep in your own vehicle (and you'd like to have a nice place for that)

Area for Tents one of the sheltered places for your own bedding


fee for the whole week

SGMK Members CHF 295.-

non SGMK Members CHF 345.-

daily fee 50.-

the fee includes food, accommodation and basic material. As we are getting the venue way below a reasonable price (the owner likes us and wants to support SGMK) any higher amount as a donation is highly appreciated!)


mail to homemade@sgmk-ssam.ch

TODO: We need to figure what info we need from ppl with registration, e.g. sleeping needs, pick-up needs etc. So for now please add any info you might find relevant, Thanks!


  • Train to Fribourg,
  • change train to Pensier,
  • we will provide a shuttle to the castle - please form travel groups! (Bildet Banden!)


HOME MADE 2021 Participants

Planning Notes

Planning notes