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The Homemade summercamp is 1 week of DIY soldering & geeking fun. The participants work on individual or group projects on music, robotics, visuals and other art related topics. During this participative research week we will do workshops and talks, run experiments, cook & eat together, party and relax


20.7. - 27.7.2019


Pfadiheim Villa Kunterbunt
8773 Glarus Sued
coordinates: 724 830 / 204 780

Villa Kunterbunt

Since we don't have internet by wire in the house we will build our own internet. Just connect to WLAN "Kunterbunt MAZI" to share stuff.

for documentation go to: http://www.mazizone.eu/


SGMK Members CHF 295.-

non SGMK Members CHF 345.-

daily fee 50.-

the fee includes food, accommodation and basic material


mail to homemade@sgmk-ssam.ch


Train from Zurich to Schwanden GL

If you need a lift to the house we will pick you up in Schwanden GL, please organize your arrival so we can pick you up in groups.

If you like to walk you can take a bus, the last bus is around 17:00

Bus line 544 (Senftal) to Kies(Talstation) ask bus driver for inofficial stop to Aussichtsturm / Villa Kunterbunt

20min walk to Villa Kunterbunt (not suitable rolling suitcase)

Kunterbunt 01.jpgKunterbunt 02.jpg

Kunterbunt 03.jpgKunterbunt 04.jpeg

with car: to Schwanden then via Haslen to Tannenberg. The last 1.2 km is banned for driving. There is a parking lot at the begin of the ban.

Slack Community

Please feel welcome to join and ask for free beer at #homemade channel



Kickoff 22.07.2019 11:00

Kent Clelland is going to lead a JUCE::Group. Depending on levels of interest he could give a workshop for JUCE beginners (who already know C++), or a workshop for JUCE afficianados who want to learn a specific skillset, or a workshop for total C++ noobs. Please register by inserting your name below and let him know in what you are interested in so that he can prepare accordingly.

What is JUCE?

JUCE is an open source C++ framework for developing peformant, professional realtime Audio and Visual software. JUCE can be developed on OSX, Windows, or Linux Operating Systems and products built with JUCE can be deployed on OSX, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Raspberry PI as standalone application or plugin (VST, AudioUnit, AAX, etc...). watch JUCE framework coder Timur Doumler present JUCE at CppCon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boPEO2auJj4

Over the course of the week Kent will be researching the following 3 topics with the intent to build proof of concept imeplementations:

  1. JUCE development for live visual / video performance
  2. JUCE deployment for for the Raspberry PI platform.
  3. realtime audio analysis re-synthesis (FFT/iFFT) using JUCE

Sign up here to join the JUCE::Group :

Name Dev Platform JUCE level Interest
Kent Clelland OSX / XCode Expert Video Output, RPi, realtime FFT
Dominik Chapman Windows / Visual Studio Advanced N-gon Wave Oscillator, Polyphony
Andrej iOS none, i neever programs, only debugs FFT, PLL, Spectral Resynthesis
jana° OSX / Xcode? none Video Output, multichannel, RaspberryPi
Markus Windoofs JUCE: none, C++: experienced FFT!, PLL, Spectral Resynthesis

Benjolin case

Ongoing workshop as soon your benjolin is ready

Willi Sauter is offering a workshop for finishing our benjolins with a case and power supply. Please tell if there is interest for this so we can order the parts. The benjolin orchestra is calling... DSC00238.JPG

Solder Mask Diy

22.July 2019 23:00

Pimpe deine frisch geätzte Platine mit Solder-Mask in diversen Farben. Mehr dazu im folgenden link. File:Pcb workshop .pdf


23. July 2019 13:00

Workshop by Jördis to build a small sound device with motor


23. July 2019 14:00

How to work and what you can do with piezos (Ralf)

crackle box

25. July 2019 11:00 (test run 24. July 15:00)

i (Ralf) will bring a few crackle box kits (the classic noise-making device designed by Michel Waisvisz / STEIM). one simple version for kids or beginners (mounted on a wooden board) https://vimeo.com/334635714

the other version comes in a plastic housing with a "line" output (coupled with a small diy transformer).


26. July 2019 12:00, Software room first floor, Oswald

autoedit is a software tool using state-of-the-art (sota) music cognition methods to automatically make nicely consumable edits from lengthy session recordings. the workshop goal is to install the tool on your workstation to get you going. if you have a development setup and python3 environment on your machine, the requirements / dependencies can be installed with pip. the code itself can be obtained from https://gitlab.com/jetpack-cognition-lab/smp_audio


If there is interest Emmanuelle could present his project and bring a prototyp (4 cameras, 1 helmet , Laptop with software , VR google glasses:

The Hemosy is a virtual reality headset with cameras on the inside of the helmet to record the face of the user and project it in a VR environment. The connections of the Hemosy create the virtual platform Polis. The final objective of the project is to have a helmet that can be used for private face-to-face meeting in a virtual reality environment.

I this stage we have a helmet that can capture a video for two cameras and create a 3d face. The hope is too add other 2 or more cameras to be able to put the cameras close to the face and be able to add the VR google cardboard.

Capture left.PNG


Gemeinsame autarke Klanginstallation

Vorschlag von Uwe: kollektive Klanginstallation auf dem Aussichtsturm Schwanden zu klären: ist das gestattet? Genehmigung ? evt. nur flashmob style an 1 Abend ? Stromversorgung: Autobatterie(n)? Fokus auf solar- & windbetriebene sowie akustische Klangerzeugung ?

Salamander Watching

Kunterbunt 05.jpg


Maya wird ein paar Tage mit Kazi und Tibor dabeisein, beides schon versierte robotik-freaks, synthesizer geeks, famous DJ's in Yogya und sowieso gerne am basteln. Wir nehmen mal das Lego Boost robotik kit mit, ein paar Otto's und sind froh wenn andere Leute auch mal mit den buben was machen.

Kazi style.jpgTibor mag.jpg


HOME MADE 2019 Participants

Contact Persons

Oliver Jaeggi: Organisation, SGMK core team

Uwe Schueler: tech. support veteran ( Workshops, tech. lectures, DIY kits )