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Sa 31.8.19
Sa 31.8.19
* Birender Yadav - built your own brick, (15:00)
* Birender Yadav – Build your own brick (15:00)
* Michel Pauli - Projects in Kamerun (16:00)
* Michel Pauli Projects in Kamerun (16:00)
* Swiss FabLabs - Anton Wüst (17:00)
* Swiss FabLabs Anton Wüst (17:00)
* Mazi-Zone - Panayotis Antoniadis (18:00)
* Mazi-Zone Panayotis Antoniadis (18:00)
So 1.9.19
So 1.9.19
* Web MIDI API - Stefan Huber (15:00)
* Web MIDI API Stefan Huber (15:00)
* Wunderkammer im Glattpark - Vesna Tomse (16:00)
* Wunderkammer im Glattpark Vesna Tomse (16:00)
== Hebocon ==
== Hebocon ==

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Flick the World 2019 is a weekend full of action, discourse and fun. DIY, hacking (electronics, bio- and general), art, science, sustainability, community to society. The gathering is open to everyone interested in these topics. It is brought to you by Dock18 (Institut für Medienkulturen der Welt) https://www.dock18.ch and SGMK (Swiss Mechatronic Art Society) https://mechatronicart.ch with contributions by individuals and groups from their respective networks. You missed the 1st Flick the World? Here are some videos: Flick the World 2018 and Flick the World fabrikTV

Date and Time


Day From To What
Sat 31-Aug-2019 14:00 19:00 Workshops, Talks, Exhibition
19:00 21:00 Spaghetti
21:00 24:00 Live Performances
Sun 01-Sep-2019 11:00 18:00 Workshops, Talks, Exhibition, Hebocon


Rote Fabrik Zürich: Clubraum / Dock18


Delay selber bauen - Flipfloater (Sa 31.08)

Unter der Anleitung des Basler Soundtüftlers Flipfloater kann ein Delay Effektmodul basierend auf dem PT2399 Chip gelötet werden. Neben dem üblichen Delay Effekt ermöglicht die Schaltung dank 4 Circuit Bendings auch abgefahrene Klangräume. Der Workshop geht 2-3h,Kosten: CHF 50 pro Teilnehmer


Flüssigwaschmittel selber herstellen - Claudia Krummenacher (Sa 31.08 & So 01.09)

Claudia hat sich die letzten zwei Jahre mit Haushaltschemie beschäftigt, und bietet einen kleinen Workshop zum Thema Flüssigwaschmittel selber herstellen.

PewPew game consoles - Christian Walther and Radomir Dopieralski (Sa 31.08 & So 01.09)

Did you always want to make a computer game, but could never get through those complex tutorials? Now is your chance to become a full-stack game developer. We will take you through the process step by step, starting with constructing your game console, up to a finished game. Just bring your laptop with a micro-USB cable. (It will also help if you install the Mu editor from http://codewith.mu/.) We welcome all participants of at least 12 years of age, no experience with Python or electronics required.

The workshop can take from 2 to 4 hours, costs CHF 10.-


PewPew gameconsole

Zeichen-Roboter bauen - Daniel Reichmuth (Sa 31.08)

Unter der Anleitung von Daniel Reichmuth können Krizzel Bots gebaut und zu einer interaktiven Zeichnungsinstallation zusammengefügt werden.

T-Shirts selber drucken - Christoph Kummer (Sa 31.08 & So 01.09)

Bring dein T-Shirt mit um es mit Siebdruck zu bedrucken (Druckfarbe schwarz)

"pulse & patterns" - Christian Faubel & Ralf Schreiber (So 01.09)

A workshop where participants will build small electro-mechanical solo drum machines from single DC motors and small circuit boards. The workshop will experiment with different kinds of sounding materials (metal pieces, stones, springs, paper, etc), where the machines will oscillate freely and develop their own individual sound quality. Once built the machines will be used to explore fundamental musical structures.

the workshops takes ca. 2 - 2 1/2h, costs for material: 15 CHF



improvisation strategies and impromptu structures in live electronic music

by Kent Clelland


"tonkin tonal" – eine partizipative, kinetische Klanginstallation – Christian Faubel / Ralf Schreiber

Kleine Motoren, die schlagende oder rotierende Bewegungen generieren, werden in ein Gerüst aus Tonkinstäben integriert und mit Kontaktmikrofonen und kleinen Lautsprechern verstärkt. Das Ergebnis ist eine recht komplexe, expansive Struktur, die als autonome Mehrkanal-Klanginstallation präsentiert wird. Die Installation kann von den Besuchern aktiv bespielt und zudem mit den Maschinen, welche im Workshops "pulse & patterns" enstehen, erweitert werden.

Video Klanginstallation

The Hive Mind – Tom Züblin

Basic behavioral rules followed by large numbers of individuals often result in interesting large scale patterns and effects. The hive mind is a playful installation that lets visitors interact with a digital collective through a physical interface. Explore the effects of slightly tweaking the collective's behavioral rules and project your own shapes and vision into the hive mind.


Buttonspace – Oliver Süess

At the push of a button anything seems possible: taking the elevator to the right floor, switching on the light. But what if the push leads to something completely unexpected? We live in a world where more and more everyday activities are being directly connected to the “Internet of things” (IoT). The fear of losing control may be overwhelming, but the possibility of new conncections can be so rewarding.

Buttonspace is here to help show how IoT works on a basic level while aiming to become a platform where signals worldwide meet by chance and find further use elsewhere. Through buttons we illustrate how joyful and versatile this interconnectedness can be and how we can use it to our advantage to play, create and connect.



Performances (Sa 31.8.)

"tiny movements, breaks and silence" – Christian Faubel / Ralf Schreiber (Div. Elektronik, Hellraumprojektoren)

Christian Faubel und Ralf Schreiber arbeiten mit elektromechanischen Klangerzeugern: kleinen Motoren, Schlag- und Federwerken, autonomen Robotern und selbst schwingenden Saiten. Mit diesen Maschinen und Schaltungen, die häufig ihrer eigenen Logik folgen, versuchen sie Musik zu machen. Dabei werden die Maschinen und präparierte Materialien mithilfe kleinster Bewegungen und Interaktionen zum klingen gebracht und so die elementaren Wechselwirkungen von Ton und Material untersucht.

Union 3.jpg

Andreas Oskar Hirsch (Carbophone) featuring Urban Bieri (modular ebass), Kent Clelland (live sampler) and Oliver Jäggi (organ drum)

Andreas Oskar Hirsch is a Cologne based musician, visual artist and inventor of electroacoustic instruments. Among others, he performs with the Electric Palm Leaf or the Carbophone, a kind of complex super-kalimba. Both lend themselves to warm downbeat rhythms and odd tonalities. In combination with a bunch of effect pedals Hirsch creates a space somewhere between playful leftfield electronics and freestyle gamelan. Together with Patricia Koellges he runs makiphon, a label for experimental music which also features his latest album Early Carbophonics. For Flick the World he plays the "Schwanden Sessions" together with musicians from the SGMK community.

hirschonhirsch makiphon

namshub records

Open Jam Session

Bring your instruments and join the SGMK All stars session!


Sa 31.8.19

  • Birender Yadav – Build your own brick (15:00)
  • Michel Pauli – Projects in Kamerun (16:00)
  • Swiss FabLabs – Anton Wüst (17:00)
  • Mazi-Zone – Panayotis Antoniadis (18:00)

So 1.9.19

  • Web MIDI API – Stefan Huber (15:00)
  • Wunderkammer im Glattpark – Vesna Tomse (16:00)


There will be a Hebocon tournament throughout Sunday. Bring your own robots and/or build/tune them on Saturday.

Don't know what a Hebocon is? Check https://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/diy/hebocon-the-best-worst-robot-competition


Flick The World Flyer.jpg

Self Organization Support Team

Questions every Tuesday @ MechArtLab (Attendees vary)

  • Mario Purkathofer – Dock18
  • Oliver Walkhoff – SGMK
  • Oli Jaeggi – SGMK
  • Christoph Kummer - SGMK


  • Hackteria
  • sonmas – Fermentation and Bacteria
  • L200