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«Bersama Inovasi dan Riset - Collaborative Innovation and Research»

We are happy to host Helmi in our Hacker-in-Residence Programme!!

Residensi at MechArtLab

Helmi setting up his workspace at MechArtLab

Talk at OpenLab, 25. July 2023

Start around 21:00

Topic: Surabaya Ghetto Science and Workshopologi of DIY Electronic Arts

Visit to GaudiLabs Industries, Luzern

Schwiizer Reisli

Sesi Workshopologi

How to make Kits for "seni, sains dan bisnis"

seni : art

sains : science

bisnis : business

asking chatGPT:


what is a "DIY kit" for electronic art


A "DIY kit" for electronic art refers to a package or set of materials that contains components and instructions for individuals to create their own electronic art projects. These kits are designed to be accessible to people with varying levels of experience in electronics and art, making it easier for beginners to get started with electronic art projects.

Read more about what chatGPT says about DIY kits

Helmi Hardian (Surabaya, Indonesia) - Mid July - Mid August 2023 | BIR residensi

Helmi in his full beauty

Helmi Hardian is a grassroots artist and ghetto scientist, with a specific interest in cooking and smoking at the same time. He lives in Surabaya, the city that is well known for its industry and technology, as well as being the center of electronic component trading (chiefly, Pasar Genteng). Hence, almost all of his works are closely related to science and technology as the medium of creativity. He is the co-founder of Waft Lab, a creative-based initiative that works at interdisciplinary practices. Currently, he focuses on tech development through DIY/DIWO culture and playing his role in researching, hacking, or deconstructing daily materials to provide some devices with new functional aspects, as well as developing workshop kits, lecturing contents, and presentation materials, which aim to learn, share, and exchange knowledge.

Summary from application to SüdKulturFonds (not received)

With this application to SüdKulturFonds we are eager to enable a longer research residency (6 weeks) for an artist, technologist and educator from Surabaya, Indonesia, Helmi Hardian.

Our collaboration with the invitee has already been established over more than a decade. Hackteria has been very active as an organizer of art, science & technology workshops and international events in Indonesia. Together with Helmi Hardian we have done workshops in local art collectives, exhibitions and universities across Java. Helmi Hardian has also participated at HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta, ROSA Residency in 2022 and has hosted the applicant Marc Dusseiller for the TUAK residensi in Tuban and Surabaya in 2023. We are really looking forward to be able to host him this summer in our own environment in Zürich, aswell as connect to other art, science & technology initiatives in Switzerland. We have already confirmed participation at the SGMK Summercamp and have selected a group of other arists to collaborate with Helmi Hardian.

Helmi Hardian is currently conducting experiments to explore how sound can go beyond visuals in shaping human memory. In June, he will culminate his trial with a tape loop workshop and collaborate with students. Building on his interest, Helmi is also working on transforming sounds produced by generators into visual forms. This idea originated during his participation in the TUAK residensi, which led to the development of a circuit for record and play based on Ralf Schreiber's schematic. During the PCB design process, the idea emerged to convert the electronic schematic into an etching painting. In the upcoming BIR residency program, Helmi Hardian will focus on further developing a sound generator circuit that can be transformed into a captivating visual artwork.

This application is done by the International Hackteria Society in collaboration with other local partners in Switzerland, such as SGMK, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Mechatronische Kunst, with whom we share our lab, studios & public workshop area in Bitwäscherei, Zentralwäscherei, Zürich. With other exhibition organizers in Zürich, WEAREAIA, and Basel, pickpocket space, we have already agreed on additional public presentations and workshops, financed independently of the grant from SüdKulturFonds. Additionally we have an invitation to participate at actvities beyond Switzerland, in Croatia and Germany, but at the time of this application they have not yet been confirmed, but will also not influence the budget applied for. The International Hackteria Society is the main applicant, and Marc Dusseiller will administrate all the finances, reporting and organize the residency, aswell as collaborate on the workshops and research.


22/23 July: Travel from Surabaya, Indonesia to Zürich, Switzerland

Settle into the private accommodation with Marc Dusseiller, Christoph Stähli, Anwandstr. 65. 8004 Zürich

24 July: Setup and research in MechArtLab @ Bitwäscherei, Zürich

Bitwäscherei is a collective art&technology studio, sharing a workshop space with Digitale Gesellschaft, CCCzh, Linux User Group Switzerland, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Mechatronische Kunst (SGMK) and International Hackteria Society. During his first days he will give an «artist talk» during our OpenLab Tuesday at MechArtLab, SGMK. Bitwäscherei is located in the thriwing art & culture space of Zentralwäscherei, ZWZ

24 – 29 July: Visits to other interesting initiatives in Switzerland

We will stay in Zürich (see above) and in RandeLab, Merishausen SH, a privately owned forest house by Marc Dusseiller, that served over many years as a retreat for international guests in the global Hackteria network. We are planning a presentation at Pickpocke Space, Basel, and visit exhibitions in HEK, Haus der Elektronischen Künste, and ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe.

30 – 31 July: Preparation of Workshops @ Bitwäscherei, Zürich

Continued research on art & technology to prepare upcoming workshops with a focus on low-cost and do-it-yourself activities around «low-energy electronics for sound art and kinetic installations»

1 August: Celebration of Swiss National Day, Lake Zürich

We gonna eat Cervelats and Bratwürste

2 August: Energy Giveaway Workshop & Performance, WEAREAIA, Löwenbräukunst, Zürich

We have been invited by Helen V. Pritchard, Miranda Moss to contribute to their exhibition programme with a collaborative workshop on DIY low-energy technologies and an audio/visual performance. Awareness in Art is running an exhibition space in Löwenbräukunst, Limmatstrasse 268, 8005 Zürich

Workshop Info is found here:

4 – 12 August: HOMEMADE Summercamp 2023, Berghaus Girlen, Ebnat Kappel, SG

Helmi has been invited to be on of the «HOMEMADE summercamp Mentors». Homemade is an event organized by SGMK since 2006, that brings together artists, engineers and tinkerers to share, collaborate and learn together during a one week retreat in a remote mountain house. We usually host 40 – 50 participants. The Berhaus Girlen is located in the Alpstein region, Dicken-Girlenstrasse, 9642 Ebnat-Kappel SG

13 – 24 August: Reflection and Documentation @ Bitwäscherei, Zürich

To finalize the residency back in the studio in Zürich, there is time for documentation and reflection. Wrapping up with a final public presentation and Workshop. During this time, we are also visiting other art & technology initiatives, such as anyma, in Fribourg, and EAR - environmental artistic research, in Trubschachen BE.

15 – 19 August: Participation at Chaos Communication Camp 2023, Germany

CCCamp is the most important meeting of Tech&Art in Europe. But tickets are very limited. Accepted: including 500 EUR materials and 5 tickets.

PASAR SENGGOL Pasar = market Senggol = nudge (Indonesian suburban night market full of chaotic interactions and people pushing around in dense loud environment) We suggest a participatory art installation that is done through collaboration with people who join us throughout the days of the Camp in a workshop setting, where they learn and make basic electronic units for interactive sound art and kinetics. Collaborative practicies are very common in Indonesia, both as a need to survice but also as a deeply culturally rooted concept. We are happy to be able to invite Helmi Hardian, from Surabaya, Indonesia, as "Hacker-in-Residence" to spend the summer with us in our hackerspace, Bitwäscherei, in Zürich, and join the Homemade Summercamp by SGMK and other activities. We have been working together in Indonesia, for HackteriaLab, and many other activites on DIY electronics and SoundArt, mostly doing workshops and PCB geeking. Besides Helmi and myself dusjagr, we will invite 3 other mentors and constructors to help us developing the art installation and support the workshops.

More info about PASAR SENGGOL

25 August: Departure to Indonesia