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from their website:

Pachube International Internet of Things Hackathon - April 8-9, 2011

  • 24 hours
  • hackathon
  • pachube

The First Pachube International Internet of Things Hackathon is a global 24-hour event that starts on April 8, 2011 at 2pm (UK time) and ends on April 9, 2011 at 2pm (UK time). (kiilo 08.04.2011 15:00 MEZ - 09.04.2011 15:00 Mez)

Calling all developers, designers, makers, mixers, mashers, tinkerers, philosopher-mechanics and sales engineers! Join us in helping to define and build the Internet of Things on Global Internet of Things Day! Use Pachube if you want, or build on other APIs - make something physical, or virtual; hardware or software; conceptual or practical - the point is for us to spend 24 hours connecting up our things to the web, our environments to our things, and our things to US! Starts on April 8, 2011 at 2pm UK time (which is 10pm in Tokyo, 11pm in Sydney, 6am in San Francisco) and goes on for 24 hours until 2pm (UK time) on April 9, 2011.

We will continue to update this page with details.

We will be hosting a hackathon here in London (address to be confirmed) but we also expect Pachube's global community to host sister events around the world. The idea is for us all, in countries throughout the world, to spend 24 hours on Global Internet of Things day building new devices, applications, and tools, and experimenting with bleeding-edge (beta) Pachube features, connecting to each others' devices and environments in realtime across the planet, and building up a repertoire of innovative applications and services for the Internet of Things that make the vision of a connected planet a reality!

Please either join us in London or host your own local event!

TWITTER hashtag

for TWITTER use this hashtag #pachubehack !!!

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what is planned in zurich?

have a nice come together for some sort of happy hacking soldering party.

Location: MechArtLab,+Zurich

We'll be there from 15:00 Zürich local time.

Bring your own beer, food, sleeping bag/mat.

Please edit this page to add your name (contact exchange by skype: "kiilo_" in case you dont want to publish your details)

up and running



    • 2x ethernetshield + 1x wifi adapter + arduino assembled to messure temp % humidity
    • pachube OSC gateway made by proessing + some small PD patches to start with
    • slow internet connection by mobile phone
    • linksys wlan router - has also 4 ethernet ports
    • some relais so we can switch 230V
    • some solid state relais
    • more sensors (GPS, accelerometer, servos, ... decent set)
    • diverse arduino from my personal collection (nano, mini, lilypad ...)
    • stereo microphone + mixer for nice streaming of acoustic atmosphere -- prepared and running
  • dusjagr
    • a lot of worms
  • gaess
    • Most important first: ADSL Internet is ordered, should by up and running on 8th April!
    • Arduino and magnetic field sensors
    • i could bring 1 or 2 triacs to
    • Brain ready to learn!
    • I can provide sleeping space for 3 people in my living room, about 15min by foot from the lab.
  • gandalf
    • a bunch of arduinos and mbeds
    • arduino ethernet shield for pachube integration
    • various sensors
    • two xbee modules
    • different lcd and tft devices
    • some lcd contraptions for nice visuals
  • christoph
    • mbed
    • bunch of X-Bees
    • soldering station
    • seeeduino stalker
    • various sensors curent
  • aurelio
    • Kinect interface (first steps!)
    • laptop with various dev tools and Executable Sound installed
    • some ideas. Kinect-powered sound generation with Stahl's Hackteria microscope over OSC? (if possible) ;)
  • User:Stahl
    • USB GSM modem (with software - need SIM)
    • toaster
    • microsope
    • parts and stuff


  • open call
  • increase comfort
  • something i dont know yet ...

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