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What is it about

This page is a collection of ideas & resources for diy water analysis and treatment.


Nitrate analysis

Nitrate Test

10 ml volumetric flask add - 9ml water - spatula zinc powder - 2 drops acetic acid 100% shake well add N=2 reagenz

add Nitrate standard shake well nitrate is reduced to nitrite and reacts to red color

Nitrat test.jpg

Copper analysis

PAN solution 4x10-3 mol L-1

1 - (2-Pyridrylazo)- 2-naphthol

CuSO4 1g/l = 0.254 g/l Cu

Copper test.jpg

In 10 ml Kolben geben

Solution with copper 1ml 4x10-3 mol L-1 PAN 0.1 – 2.0-mL of 0.2 mol L-1 sulfuric acid Fill uo to 10ml with Deion water

H2SO4 25%= 250g/l = 2.5 mol/l

add to 10ml volumetric flask

10 ml solution with copper (0.2 - 10 mg/l Cu) 1 T H2SO4 25% 0.1 ml PAN (5mg/10ml in Ethanol)

Conductivity measurement

Electrical Conductivity with Arduino

DIY conductivity sensor designs