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== [[3rd Party Boards]] ==
== [[3rd Party Boards]] ==
Getting started with different Boards
Getting started with different Boards
== [[Pimp Up Your Volca]] ==
[[File:IMG_20191210_121029~2.jpg|400px|link=Pimp Up Your Volca]]
== [[Gcode 2d-plotter]] ==
== [[Gcode 2d-plotter]] ==
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== [[Solar bird]] ==
== [[Solar bird]] ==
==words dont work for saying things==
Sovereign States of Be Inc. & Orbital Peace Branch Bureau
Bikesharing = public bicycle fleets
Spheritool Project : Spheres are still flat, locally
How to understand unity algebra with one polar sphere.

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3rd Party Boards

Getting started with different Boards

Pimp Up Your Volca

IMG 20191210 121029~2.jpg

Gcode 2d-plotter

Based on GCodeToAnalog board by GaudiLabs: https://github.com/GaudiLabs/GCodeToAnalog


AllSign mechartlab.jpg

PCB tinning

Pcb before and after tinning.JPG

Volx Micro Mechanic Macintosh Monitor

Photos H3K




BalanZeBot Prototyp.jpg


MicMacMc Set.jpg


File:SmartHome NightLight.pdf

IoT Clock

That blinky thing hanging over the door now.

The web app to control it: https://iot-clock2.appspot.com/

Arduino Uno R3 as HID

Turning the Arduino UNO R3 into a HID is very easy. But the documentation on the web just sucks. Get the recipe here at SGMK.

Elektronisches Heimatwerk Luzern 28.2.-10.3.2013



Thermal IR-Camera

ThermalCam PD.png

STM32 dev








SGMKduino v3 web.png


Gnusbuino pcb.gif

The Gnusbuino is an adaption of Michael Egger's gnusb that is (more or less) compatible with the Arduino environment. It uses the V-USB virtual USB driver from obdev.at instead of a dedicated USB chip (FTDI on the Arduino) - is thus a lot easier and cheaper to build oneself - very few components, single sided PCB… It has a bootloader and can programmed directly through USB. It can mimic many devices (like the USBasp AVR programmer or a standard USB-MIDI interface).



Postduino and related Fantasies

Discussions at the anyma research week 2014, after hours and hours of discussions, late night fights and yelling, nightmares and fantasies about what comes after the arduino.... cheap, simple, easy to make? or next level shit using arm-processors? more pins / less pins? fuck attiny85 forever? what about the 32u4 chip? or just buy the arduino micro? or should we just use the Gnusbuino, as we always had? or what about that Atmega88 chip? or, or, or, or,...

8bit Mix Tape

8bit mixedTapev02.jpg

The 8bit MixTape is an arduino compatible sound gadget, based on the BabyGnusbuino (anyma) and Viznut's "Algorithmic symphonies from one line of code", put together by dusjagr, ucok and iyok...

New version, v0.2, nicely fits into a tape, with battery, USB programming interface, LEDs and a button to choose different codes.

links: http://youtube.com/watch?v=GtQdIYUtAHg http://wurstcaptures.untergrund.net/music/ http://wiki.sgmk-ssam.ch/index.php/Babygnusbuino

DIY Micro Laser Cutter

Step by Step Instruction for building your DIY Laser Cutter.

little cutie code snippets

20_pix display

Vive la Resistance aka NanoSmano Sajica

Sajica circuit.jpg

Shruti Hacking - Radel Nano Dx

Instruction on how to digitally hack the legendary Indian musical instruments by Radel. Radel Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer in the field of electronic musical instruments for Indian music.
Shruti hack.jpg


The Idea is to generate two squarewaves with two NAND-Gatters of a 4093 IC and use the other two NAND as an XOR stage. The two waveforms are then send as inputs to the XOR and we have a Ring Modulation. Best of it, it's all on just one 4093. The additional parts are also very easy.


This Circuit is the result of the first try to build the microRing described above. Due to some misonceptions, this circuit is not a ring modulator, but nevertheless sounds great. So i leave this stuff on.


Mask engl.png

micronoise pro

the micronoise pro is a further development of the original micronoise. it uses all 4 NAND gates of the 4093 chip.

Micronoise pro.jpg

8step sequencer

some designs of simple 8step sequencers based on the 4022 chip

Modula seq small.jpg



CapSense (QTouchADC)

Fermento Mods



File:BitBadge 2014.pdf




A mobile PCB etching station

Dual TBridge Percussion

Dual Electronic Percussion based on the TBridge Circuit



Cappaddy DSCN1111.JPG


Rawcoco DSCN0342.JPG

CocoTeens7 - Hit The Tune

CocoTeens7 HitTheTune front.jpg

Shenzhen Ready

IMG 20160518 102335.jpg

Electronic Voodoo Doll Advanced


Simple Theremin

Simple theremin case.jpg

LDR - Cell Phone Door Opener


simple soap


Pamamp rev0.02 pic 00a.png

Pixel drift

Pixel drift earphones.jpg

Solar bird

Solarbird pcb top 400x1000.png

words dont work for saying things

Sovereign States of Be Inc. & Orbital Peace Branch Bureau

DIYBikesharing Bikesharing = public bicycle fleets

MindMa7h Spheritool Project : Spheres are still flat, locally How to understand unity algebra with one polar sphere.