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1. Make some groundplates
Templates for OnboardPreampZero
Schematic, Echoplex Preamp stage
Echosonic Circuit Patent Drawing
Baxandall Circuit
Circuit Simulation 6 parallel preamps

PreAmp Magic

to best appreciate my guitar tone it needs be run through an echoplex style preamp. i stack ‘em. three in a row, each set at slightly below unity. it comes down to being a buffer, a sensitive gainstage, a baxandall circuit and it is related to loudness curves. it’s the stuff you hear most when it’s missing..

onboard preamp board

to make a better signal out of my six separate piezos.. and to drive ‘em longer lines, i am dreaming of installing the following in my guitar: 24 preamps, three layers, 1/2 inch thickness, eurorack format configuration 6x(3+INS+1)

slightly too much but why not try

the guitar will get 6-7 additional ouputs as the best preamp design is quite straightforward, why not overbuild a simple component like an onboard buffer, include some sensitive cabling, keep it simple and then get more out of my pedals, that again do the same? in my opinion, you can’t have enough good preamps.


Ray Butts Echoplex Preamps nachgebaut in Serie ‘nuff said.


CHASETONE.COM Best matched parts handbuilt preamps ever (you will never do this DIY, not for the price he offers, unsurpasseable. i’ll get more and do this only because i need to understand the elegance of it. it’s quite a beautiful circuit and one will miss it when it’s off. i just love it. make t-shirts, kyle!) Relish.Swiss state of the art Hacker guitar with floating design, removable back and hotswapping pickups.