MechArtLab Infrastructure

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Electronic Tools

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Hardware Tools

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Ultimaker 3D Printer Tool

8870471861 c28d68fa6d.jpg IMG 0083.jpg

Design: Download Sketchup from => Design => Export .STL

Slice: Download Cura from => Load .STL => Prepare => Write .GCODE to SD card

Print: Insert SD card into Ultimaker => Push, Scroll to Card => Select .GCODE => Push

Share: Upload model and .STL (but not .GCODE) to

First time? Ask @tamberg.


Parts'n'Stuff / Private Storage

Mechartlab parts.JPG

Lab tools / Wetware

Mechartlab lab-tools.jpg

PCB Etching

Instructions on how to use the PCB etching facility can be found under PCB Etching.

Instructions for Mask design and print for custom PCBs.

Oven for Reflow and PDMS

There is a temperature sensor in the oven connected to an arduino that can be read through serial terminal. At the moment the sensor is mounted at the wrong position and shows around 40° less than the real temperature in the moddle of the oven. more about the code and connection of the temperature sensor is documented.

Instructions for reflow soldering.

Instructions for PDMS bioelectronix.

Lasercutter for PCB stencils


There's a Library in the OpenLab. login is 'SGMK' combined with our beloved password...


Comic on soldering File:FullSolderComic EN.pdf PDF booklet. by Andie Nordgren link title

Office / Public Station

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Chill out / Coffee

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