KitSprint ANORG 2018

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More info coming soon....

What is it about? Let's look into remaking some of our kits and classic SGMK style PCBs, make them Shenzhen Ready, make new ones using the DIY-CAD method, prepare them for one-click orders using, PCB-way, mouser shopping lists etc...

Date: 23-25. Feb 2018

Location: ANORG, Hohlstrasse 612, Zürich, Switzerland



  • Marc Dusseiller


  • Stahl?
  • Gaudi - will make the 'chaos looper' shenzen ready. 23./24. Feb. (25. het Medea Geburi)
  • Oli
  • Petra
  • Ewe
  • Kaspar (
  • David Craven
  • michi?
  • Claude W.?
  • Felix B is present on Friday and
  • Livia M on Sunday
  • Emily?