Kit-Sprint Yogyakarta

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Baremixtape pixelstyle.png


After the success of the KitSprint ANORG 2018 in Feb (read Kaspar's reflection) we are happy to announce another edition!

This time in the tropical climate of Indonesia, the center of experimental music and noise scene of South East Asia - The City of Yogyakarta, DIY (Dearah Istimeva Yogyakarta).

Supported by the Center for Alternative Coconut Research and.... YOU!!! See below for the call for Sponsors! Yes, you will get a free PCB!

Call for Sponsors

Just go on our [1] and choose whatever amount you like! Donations bigger than 25$ will get free PCBs shipped to your home! Larger donations... be surprised!


General Info


27-29. July 2018 - Yogyakarta, Indonesia (to be confirmed)

Everything that's ready for China on Sunday night 00:00 will be sent out to PCBway and should be delivered to Yogya in approx 7-10 days. Ready for proto-workshops after the 8th of Augustus.




dusjagr aka Marc Dusseiller aka Pak Marcjono

squaresolid aka Andreas Siagian aka Ucok

manticore aka Budi Prakosa aka Iyok

To invite

Hendra Adytiawan, Ari, OOTwis? Lintang and??

Project Ideas

Crazy PCB designs

SquareSynth iyok.pngOverview ucok-shenzhen.jpgReady manufacture gerber.jpg

DIY-CAD for 8Bit Mixtape BareBode

8bitmixtape website.png

DIY CAD-Mixtape BareBones.png

ATiny Synthetizer MicroStompBox

ATiny Stomp.png

See many many small boxes here.


ESP stopmbox.png (adapted to ESP from MicrobeModular by BadGeek)

The board-layout was modified by the B.I.Y. stuff from for making your own effect pedals and from

Skill Share


See this repo by Iyok aka Badgeek aka Manticore

This completely replaces our earlier experiments with Kicad bitmap import for Shenzhen Ready

Berliner on Kitspace.png

DIY-CAD (Children Aided Design)

Paper based PCB design tool for creative circuits. DIY-CAD

dusjagr developed this design-kit for making creative and diverse PCB designs collaboratively as an idea to promote Open Science Hardware during the GOSH meeting in Chile, March 2017. See more notes about DIY-CAD on this wiki.

DIY-CAD overview.jpg

Let's make new design Kits for other circuits!!