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International festival KIBLIX, Maribor, Slovenia 18 – 23 NOV, 2011

Mednarodni festival KIBLIX, Maribor, Slovenija, 18. – 23. november 2011

general intro, Shift from DIY to DIWO? partner festival MFRU, maribor 2012


Education. Workshops. Installations. Performances. Presenations. Lab.

Izobraževanje. Delavnice. Instalacije. Performansi. Predstavitve. Laboratorij.


KIBLIX 2011 Educational Program - festival as a lab - will have a strong focus on education, hands-on making, collaboration and sharing of knowledge. The educational program is, on one side, addressing emerging artists to participate in professional / advanced workshops and exhibiting the outputs during the festival, and on the other side is reaching out to the public and the youth with various mini-workshops on creative and playful technology&art projects.

KIBLIX 2011 Festival - festival as a cultural performance - aims to be a platform where artists, who are hungry to know what researchers are doing and thinking, and researchers, jealous to know of artistic experimentation come together to explore, discuss and share their ideas.

Draft program

Kiblix-ProgV02 pei.jpg



KIBLIX history, KIBLA in general, mfru, Maribor, capitol of culture 2012 etc

KIBLA & SGMK Co-Curation

Curational Statement

marc, miha

go into educational focus, festival as alternative means of self-education, laboratories for sharing of knowledge and hands-on collaborative making, collaboration and network of international artists and regional community, living, making and eating together, build-up of regional DIWO culture, a festival that impactg local society long term

Regional impact of KIBLIX 2011

dejan, miha

Organisational Team

The KIBLIX 2011 - Organisational Team came together ... , Dejan Pestotnik | Producer (Kibla), Miha Horvath | Coordinator (son:da) and Marc Dusseiller | Curator (SGMK) on invitation to co-curate the KIBLIX 2011. With the help of both local artists and students form Maribor in collaboration with a team of Swiss coordinators, workshop mentors and artists it is a highly international and expert group for the professional organisation of KIBLIX 2011.

KIBLIX Educational Program 10. - 23. Nov

KIBLIX Laboratory


KIBLIX Professional Workshops


With these intensive workshops we will address a more advanced group of artists, tinkerers and hackers across the region to join the pre-festival phase, learn, share their knowledge and collaborate with each other. The participants of the workshop will be selected through a call and a limited number of them can be hosted, including simple accommodation if needed.

Art in a Suitcase - Effi Tanner (CH)

Suitcases are the ultimate sign of mobility. For an traveling artist it‘s the easiest thing to have his work as mobile as possible. Therefore we will talk about traveling, exhibitions, organisations and different kinds of (Art)spaces.

Kovčki so ultimativni simboli mobilnosti. Za potujočega umetnika je najlažje, da je njegovo delo kar se da mobilno. Zatorej bomo govorili o potovanju, razstavah, organizacijah in različnih vrsta (Art) prostorov.

Internet of Things - Tobias Hoffmann (DE/CH)

tobi, pei

KIBLIX Educational Outreach & Interventions

marc, miha, monika

KIBLIX Festival 18. - 23. Nov


all team

Festival as a Lab

Labs in Dialogue

HackLab Showcases

Kinetic Object - Pe Lang (CH)

His work includes sound installations, live performances and compositions based on elegant and minimal kinetic systems, combined with different devices created by himself.

»v ŠUM_011« - Nova Gorica Students (SI)

School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica - a collective of students and professors. What is needed to transform the creative processes in free connections between movement, sound and picture? How in this context describe (programming) and implement the interaction of different groups, eg. in the face "ignorant" child, "lay person" and "professional" artist? Visoka šola za umetnost Univerze v Novi Gorici – kolektiv študentov in profesorjev. Kako je potrebno preoblikovati ustvarjalne procese v prostih povezavah med gibom, zvokom in sliko? Kako v tem kontekstu opisati in (programsko) izvesti interakcije različnih uporabniških skupin, npr. v soočenju »neukega« otroka,  »laika« in »profesionalnega« umetnika?


dusjagr, chaired by ... tba



Regional HackLab meeting

dusjagr, miha

Lectures / performative presentations

Hacking Dinner - (CZ)

Sound performances


KIBLIX 2011 - Participants List