HOME MADE 2020 Participants

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Home-Made Hauptseite

List of Homemade 2020 participants, use prename or online handle as you like. Note that any information given is publicly available.

Write about your projects and wishes, what you will bring and what you will need, what you know and want to share/present/do a workshop, what you want to learn, if you need a lift to St. Ursanne or have free space in your car, etc.

Oli J

What I do: work on sound stuff

What I bring: some synths, small mixer and PA

What I need: electronic expertise

Daniel und Flavia

What I do: we will build glowing stuff with light fibres.

What I bring: light fibre (PMMA) LEDs some used packaging stuff to use as casings

What I need: talks with others

Ralf (Cologne)

What I do: work on sound stuff (acoustic-mechanic instruments) & will experiment with self-swinging & singing monochord instruments (together with Uwe S.)

What I bring: small preamps, coils, motors, tiny instruments

What I need: exchange & approval :-)