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Gruppenhaus Le Chandelier <br />
Gruppenhaus Le Chandelier <br />
Chemin de Lorette 1<br />
2882 St. Ursanne <br />
2882 St. Ursanne <br />
Switzerland <br />
Switzerland <br />

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The Homemade summercamp is 1 week of DIY soldering & geeking fun. The participants work on individual or group projects on music, robotics, visuals and other art related topics. During this participative research week we will do workshops and talks, run experiments, cook & eat together, swim, party and relax

St ursanne03.jpg


1.8. - 9.8.2020


Gruppenhaus Le Chandelier
Chemin de Lorette 1
2882 St. Ursanne


Gruppenhaus Le Chandelier

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fee for the whole week

SGMK Members CHF 295.-

non SGMK Members CHF 345.-

daily fee 50.-

the fee includes food, accommodation and basic material


mail to homemade@sgmk-ssam.ch


Train from Zurich to Biel or Basel, change train to Delemont, St. Ursanne (direction of Delle)

10 min walk to the House

Slack Community

Please feel welcome to join and ask for free beer at #homemade channel

Flüssigkeitsbedarf sichergestellt

Es wird ein heisser Sommer und auch wenn s Regnet rauchen die Köpfe. Drum werden wir wie letztes Jahr auch tagsüber viel frischen, gekühlten, selbstgebrauten Tee in rauhen Mengen zur Verfügung stellen. Herzlich Willkommen sind somit auch eure Geheimrezepte, (möglichst zuckerfrei, erfrischt besser, nachsüssen geht immer) und Ideen.


Theremin von Gaudi Labs Workshop

Wer Interesse hat bitte melden dann bringt Willi die Sachen mit. Arduino Uno selber organisieren. Wer bauen will kann ja erst mal beginnen und dann zu Hause weiterarbeiten, zB die Antennen biegen, Gehäuse machen etc.

| OpenTheremin


4 Platinen für den PreenFM sind verschenken, der brauchbare FM Synth kann unterdessen auch CV interpretieren. Nur Platinen und Support für den DIYer : http://ixox.fr/preenfm2/

GNUnet install workshop

  • Most likely: starting with a brief general introductory talk what GNUnet is about (see also: https://gnunet.org )
  • Installing GNUnet on participants machines (see also: https://gnunet.org/en/install.html )
  • Depending on the interest and time of the participants we can dive deeper into particular functions and maybe even do some development, be it just on the website/docu side
  • We'd need some GNUnet-exports being remotely available for us, so we'd need to plan a fixed timeslot for this. pls show your interest & timeslots to sva, tnx!

Digital Self Defense

  • sva likes to collect all the guides about digital self defense, How-To encrypt communication guides and ALL THE resources out there
  • The goal would be to have a commented list of all those, eg with "what languages", "how deep", "user level" and also with direct comments ala "the section about xyz is wonderful, but there are this-and-that problem with the chapter abc" etcpp

How to Create an Event the Open Source Way

  • I would like to continue on pretty old work I've done in that topic, it would be awesome if some of the GSMKs event experience could spread in there, too: EventHowTo, esp this file
  • I think its now finally crucial to have this done by the "start of the normal" again... many commercial events will have died, so we can grab all those empty spots with events done with and by the heart <3

Radar - a hacker calender

  • All info here (maybe use slide mode) and I might get together with https://foss.events folks on this... here I'd need programming skills next anyhow so cant really re-start myself too much...
  • Same issue as with the EventHowTo, we ideally should get this going when the pandemic is over...

KiCad sessions

Je nach Interesse könnten wir entweder:

  • Erfahrungsaustausch zu KiCad-Funktionen machen: Bauteile erstellen, wie macht frau ihre 3D-Modelle, Kniffs und Tricks.
  • Oder sonst könnte ich auch eine 101 Einführung anbieten für Neulinge, die mal reinschauen wollen. Einmal durch den Workflow vom Schaltplan zeichnen über die Bauteile zuordnen zum Platinen erstellen.

7at7 Preparations

  • During the week Panos & sva will prepare some show'n'tell of the ongoing projects & research work to present them (together with you, if you like!) on 7th August, 7 PM
  • We will also test various audio/video setups to connect two places with each other: L200 and the HOME MADE, both then also reachable for an Internet audience.
  • see more: 7at7

Tipps & Tricks bei der Mikrofonierung mit Piezos (Kontaktmikrofonen)

  • Praktische Info zu der Thematik mit diversen Testaufbauten.
  • In dem Workshop können zudem Kontaktmikrofone, kleine Piezovorstufen und Phantom-Power gespeiste Buffer gebaut werden.

New 4093 Bass Synth by FlipFloater

  • SMD


Ideas for local visits

- former bicycle factory condor

- damassine-distillerie

your idea


Children are welcome

7th August, 7 PM

show'n'tell your best experiences and findings from HOME MADE! See more: 7at7

8th August, Closing Party at stamm studio

Let's discuss doing a presentation of our week at the stamm studio in Porrentruy. We could do concerts, jams, exhebition of our works or workshops. more info about the venue: http://archives.stammstudio.com/index.php/en/


HOME MADE 2020 Participants

Contact Persons

Oliver Jaeggi: Organisation, SGMK core team