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) & kammok (bike too big) and makes music
) & kammok (bike too big) and makes music
needs sunshine & low power/240
needs sunshine & low power/240
needs to build a flapping 4 winged solar powered colibri, looks at urban ;)
== billie & dani ==
== billie & dani ==

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Home-Made Hauptseite

List of Homemade 2019 participants, use prename or online handle as you like. Note that any information given is publicly available.

Write about your projects and wishes, what you will bring and what you will need, what you know and want to share/present/do a workshop, what you want to learn, if you need a lift to Schwanden or Villa Kunterbunt or have free space in your car, etc.


do music robots, adaptive systems, digital publishing
projects: auditory perception, resonance-finder, MobMuPlat
bring four rooted mobile fones with cyanogen/lineage, two raspberries, two wireless speakers
three sleeping bags
two teenage children (arriving 23rd / 24th of July)
need power
pickup from railway station and two additional spots for my kids

Oli J

What I do: work on a delay network, do a sync for old drum machine and fix brumm problem

What I bring: old organ drum machine, a little mixer und aktive speakers

What I need: help with ground loops


What I do: I will be working on JUCE (software) projects, working to compile and optimize juce apps for deployment on ARM mini computers (Raspberry Pi). Synchronizing audio, and video across a network of mini computers is the goal.

What I bring: (still figuring this out...)

What I need: (fresh air and mountain sky)


do krachmacher (chaoscillator, axoloti voice synth in a bottle), pencil sketchings, photography, video synth?, Salamandering
bring old military phone with two stations, outdoor battery speaker?, lötzeugs, Essig Muttern zum teilen? driving by car Saturday from Schaffhausen via Zurich, arriving in Schwanden late afternoon. 2 seats free, passengers welcome
need um,..

Anna Cho&Mika Cho

Will be working on new websites and help Mika here and there… Maybe we can help with the «Aussichtsturm»-Sound-Installation, too or try to finish some older soldering-projects we will have in our backpacks… Looking forward to spend some time with you be inspired and learn from each other <3

.j McCloud

prays to 3d quaternion math, does critical-path-debugging and listens to wefunkradio.com brings inflateable tent, parts (6in, 2out cloudmixer (euror), onboardbuffer4piezotheoryplates (euror), miniamp 9V, ) & kammok (bike too big) and makes music needs sunshine & low power/240 needs to build a flapping 4 winged solar powered colibri, looks at urban ;)

billie & dani

wir kommen am 20.07.2019 13:24 in Schwanden GL an und nehmen dann das Postauto 13.32 Richtung Kies. wir kommen mit Rollkoffer und brauchen ab da einen Shuttle-Service,vielen Dank.

do: small motor projekcts (BEAM miller engine), solar mobiles, solar sound maschines (again playing with uwe`s doppelbird circuit) repair HEI Giude Headtracker

need: dremel drill stand

bring: small motors, solarcell`s, wire, electronic basics parts, glue,

share: walk, eat , talk, relax and other lovely things

sleep: we bring a tent and we sleep outside around the house


do further development on some arduino based mechatronic installations I'm using for my Universikum courses
participate at JUCE workshop
mountain walks


do soldering and working with my "Schmetterling" rhythm-generators with motors, install the motors on instruments, amplify and modulate the sounds, ...
bring my electric bass, modular effects, some older unfinished electronics
need Maybe a transport somewhen, saturday or sunday. Probably I will just walk...