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Pcb Solder -Mask
by Claude Treptow
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The Homemade summercamp is 1 week of DIY soldering & geeking fun. The participants work on individual or group projects on music, robotics, visuals and other art related topics. During this participative research week we will do workshops and talks, run experiments, cook & eat together, party and relax


20.7. - 27.7.2019


Pfadiheim Villa Kunterbunt
8773 Glarus Sued
coordinates: 724 830 / 204 780

Villa Kunterbunt


SGMK Members CHF 295.-

non SGMK Members CHF 345.-

the fee includes food, accommodation and basic material


mail to homemade@sgmk-ssam.ch


Train from Zurich to Schwanden GL

Bus line 544 (Senftal) to Kies(Talstation) ask bus driver for inofficial stop to Aussichtsturm / Villa Kunterbunt

20min walk to Villa Kunterbunt

Kunterbunt 01.jpgKunterbunt 02.jpg

Kunterbunt 03.jpgKunterbunt 04.jpeg

with car: to Schwanden then via Haslen to Tannenberg. The last 1.2 km is banned for driving. There is a parking lot at the begin of the ban.

Slack Community

Please feel welcome to join and ask for free beer at #homemade channel



Gemeinsame autarke Klanginstallation

Vorschlag von Uwe: kollektive Klanginstallation auf dem Aussichtsturm Schwanden zu klären: ist das gestattet? Genehmigung ? evt. nur flashmob style an 1 Abend ? Stromversorgung: Autobatterie(n)? Fokus auf solar- & windbetriebene sowie akustische Klangerzeugung ?

Salamander Watching

Kunterbunt 05.jpg


HOME MADE 2019 Participants

Contact Persons

Oliver Jaeggi: Organisation, SGMK core team

Uwe Schueler: tech. support veteran ( Workshops, tech. lectures, DIY kits )