HOME MADE 2018 Participants

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Home-Made Hauptseite

List of Homemade 2018 participants, use prename or online handle as you like. Note that any information given is publicly available.

Write about your projects and wishes, what you will bring and what you will need, what you know and want to share/present/do a workshop, what you want to learn, if you need a lift to Dangio or have free space in your car, etc.


What I do: work on the water project (conductivity meter), finally work on a microcontroller sequencer, have fun with synths

What I bring: 1pixel pcb & parts, some synths, a little mixer und speakers

What I need: help with microcontroller

i could do a workshop for the 1pixel


What I do:

What I can offer:

What I bring:

What I need: