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(Urs Gaudenz)
(Urs Gaudenz)
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'''who I am:'''<br>
'''who I am:'''<br>
Engineer, Researcher, Lecturer, founder of GaudiLabs
Engineer, Researcher, Lecturer, founder of GaudiLabs<br>
'''what I plan to do at the summer camp:'''<br>
'''what I plan to do at the summer camp:'''<br>

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Oliver Jäggi

who I am:

musician and builder of synthesizers

what I plan to do at the homemade:

- bulid a new sequencer (of course) maybe with microcontroller

workshops i can offer:

- build a passive 4x4 matrix mixer (needs lots of parts)

- dual triangle LFO

- analoge sound synthesis

Urban Bieri


I'm nothing but a self declared musician, author, moderator and uncertified engineer.

mes projets

some possibilities: get some ideas for the solar mowers, build (micro/mini-)noise with motors and LEDs, finish some old projects... Make some music! Shall I take my bass with me?

les transports

Hat sich ergeben!

les matériaux

ein Stück Solarmähroboter "Husqvarna Solar Mower 1999"


Maybe there is a possibility to remote control them? Draw some patterns into the grass? Ideen zu deren Verwertung gesucht!

Markus Sing


Computer scientist, some work with Arduino and Processing.

mes projets

- debug an old project: Multiple inputs from self-made game controllers via Arduino Mega to Processing

- try to learn a little more about (esp. digital) music creation / processing

workshops je peux offrir:

introduction to Processing

mes questions:

- Has somebody Partition Magic (for Windows 7) or a similar program and can bring it to the location? I would like to repartition the HD of my PC (as a starting point for an additional Linux installation)

- Arduino bootloaders - how can one one burn them in an easy way?

les transports

still open ...

Bernhard Wagner

who I am:

  • musician and software engineer

what I plan to do at the homemade:

  • cooperation with Felix Bänteli: Improve and extend workshops to be offered by SGMK
  • learn haskell to become able to contribute to tidal, a live coding system.
  • if there's time: experiment with analog multiplexers to implement poor man's mixing console (74HC4053, TS3DDR3812RUAR)

workshops i can offer:

  • rhythm exercises with small portable percussion instruments.


  • from Zurich by train or by car if anyone has a space.


who I am:

artist and hacker

what I plan to do at the homemade:

  • OSC controller based on the spark core wifi board spark core
  • checking out the teensy board
  • hanging out by the pool..

workshops i can offer:

  • PVDF film speaker presentation and maybe workshop. I will bring film material, ink and hi-voltage amp.
  • Babymidimultiplexgnusbuino MIDI conroller (can make PRE-PROGRAMMED attiny-85 on demand!)


who I am:


what I plan to do at the homemade:

build/adapt some rather simple electro stuff to enchance my cardboard characters/sculptures. I'll bring small motors and switches, cooling fans, bubble machine and some other inspiring waste to experiment with.

transport: from Zurich by train


who I am:

bio electronic engineer

where I was the last year:

in Bagamoyo then in Dar es salaam -- now back in Zurich

planned activities:

participate creating something beautiful, implement android-bluetooth-AVR-LED path to bridge the world wide web to the bicycle, create hard and soft noises


by train over Geneva (coming Monday!)

means of contact:

+41 77 78 111 24

Marc (the other marc) :)

who I am: new media artist (not so active lately) working in the field of design & webdev

what I plan to do at the homemade:

  • experiment with sifteo cubes, plan: enabling bi-directional communication in order to use them as controller for other software (sound, custom board games, visuals...) At the moment it's only possible to receive log data, not sending states which limits usage quite a bit
  • building (or start building) a midi controller from an arcade joystick with teensy

workshops i can offer:

  • no workshop yet, but maybe experimenting together with input/output from cubes and connect them with instruments, synths and other gadgets

Photo Documentation

  • I will setup a public flickr account to collect impressions. I'll try to document all projects and happenings. If someone needs specific pictures (macros, wide-angle ...) just ask me, i'll try my best to take some nice shots. Some impressions from past hacking documentation:

Quote of the day:

  • I am not a wiki lover :)

Urs Gaudenz

who I am:
Engineer, Researcher, Lecturer, founder of GaudiLabs

what I plan to do at the summer camp:
- Play with Digital Potentiometers (digitaly switched resistors) to modulate filters, effects, bent circuits
- Program new Open.Theremin.Y
- Build a UV exposure device

what I plan to bring:
- Ultimaker 3D printer (by train)