HOME MADE 2014 Participants

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Oliver Jäggi

who I am:

musician and builder of synthesizers

what I plan to do at the homemade:

- bulid a new sequencer (of course) maybe with microcontroller

workshops i can offer:

- build a passive 4x4 matrix mixer (needs lots of parts)

- analoge sound synthesis

Urban Bieri


I'm nothing but a self declared musician, author, moderator and uncertified engineer.

mes projets

some possibilities: get some ideas for the solar mowers, build (micro/mini-)noise with motors and LEDs, finish some old projects... Make some music! Shall I take my bass with me?

les transports

Geht jemand von Zürich oder weitere Umgebung mit dem Auto und hat freien Platz? Ich würde dann gerne entweder mich selbst oder/und Material mitgeben.

les matériaux

zwei Stück Solarmähroboter "Husqvarna Solar Mower 1999"


Maybe there is a possibility to remote control them? Draw some patterns into the grass? Ideen zu deren Verwertung gesucht!

Markus Sing


Computer scientist, some work with Arduino and Processing.

mes projets

- debug an old project: Multiple inputs from self-made game controllers via Arduino Mega to Processing

- try to learn a little more about (esp. digital) music creation / processing

workshops je peux offrir:

introduction to Processing

mes questions:

- Has somebody Partition Magic (for Windows 7) or a similar program and can bring it to the location? I would like to repartition the HD of my PC (as a starting point for an additional Linux installation)

- Arduino bootloaders - how can one one burn them in an easy way?

les transports

still open ...

Bernhard Wagner

who I am:

  • musician and software engineer

what I plan to do at the homemade:

  • cooperation with Felix Bänteli: Improve and extend workshops to be offered by SGMK
  • learn haskell to become able to contribute to tidal, a live coding system.
  • if there's time: experiment with analog multiplexers to implement poor man's mixing console (74HC4053, TS3DDR3812RUAR)

workshops i can offer:

  • rhythm exercises with small portable percussion instruments.


  • from Zurich by train or by car if anyone has a space.


who I am:

artist and hacker

what I plan to do at the homemade:

  • OSC controller based on the spark core wifi board spark core
  • checking out the teensy board
  • hanging out by the pool..

workshops i can offer:

  • PVDF film speaker presentation and maybe workshop. I will bring film material, ink and hi-voltage amp.
  • Babymidimultiplexgnusbuino MIDI conroller (can make PRE-PROGRAMMED attiny-85 on demand!)


who I am:


what I plan to do at the homemade:

build/adapt some rather simple electro stuff to enchance my cardboard characters/sculptures. I'll bring small motors and switches, cooling fans, bubble machine and some other inspiring waste to experiment with.

transport: from Zurich by train


who I am:

bio electronic engineer

where I was the last year:

in Bagamoyo then in Dar es salaam -- now back in Zurich

planned activities:

participate creating something beautiful, implement android-bluetooth-AVR-LED path to bridge the world wide web to the bicycle, create hard and soft noises


by train over Geneva (coming Monday!)

means of contact:

+41 77 78 111 24