Flick the World 2019

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Flick the World 2019 is a weekend full of action, discourse and fun. DIY, hacking (electronics, bio- and general), art, science, sustainability, community to society. The gathering is open to everyone interested in these topics. It is brought to you by Dock18 (Institut für Medienkulturen der Welt) https://www.dock18.ch and SGMK (Swiss Mechatronic Art Society) https://mechatronicart.ch with contributions by individuals and groups from their respective networks.

Date and Time

Saturday 31 August: 14 - 24

Sunday 1 September: 11 - 18


Rote Fabrik Zürich: Clubraum / Dock18


Delay selber bauen - Flipfloater

ich biete für das flick the world einen delay workshop an. der workshop geht 2-3h für max 10 personen. http://flipfloater.net/project/flipfloater-delay/ kosten: CHF 50 pro teilnehmer

Flüssigwaschmittel selber herstellen - Claudia Krummenacher

Claudia hat sich die letzten zwei Jahre mit Haushaltschemie beschäftigt, und bietet einen kleinen Workshop zum Thema Flüssigwaschmittel selber herstellen.

PewPew game consoles - Christian Walther and Radomir Dopieralski

Daniel Reichmuth: Zeichen-Roboter bauen


  • Analogue utopia – It almost sounds like music – Faubel / Schreiber
  • Interaktive Installation mit Beamer - Tom Züblin
  • Buttonspace - Oliver Süss
  • ...

Performances (Sa 31.8.)

  • Analogue utopia – It almost sounds like music – Faubel
  • Andreas Oskar Hirsch / Oliver Jäggi / Urban Bieri
  • ...


  • Web MIDI API - Stefan Huber:
  • Mazi-Zone - Panayotis Antoniadis
  • ...


There will be a Hebocon tournament throughout Sunday. Bring your own robots and/or build/tune them on Saturday.

Don't know what a Hebocon is? Check https://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/diy/hebocon-the-best-worst-robot-competition

Forum / Discussions

  • ...

Self Organization Support Team

Questions every Tuesday @ MechArtLab (Attendees vary)

  • Mario Purkathofer – Dock18
  • Oliver Walkhoff – SGMK
  • Oli Jaeggi – SGMK
  • Christoph Kummer - SGMK


  • Hackteria
  • sonmas – Fermentation and Bacteria (?)
  • FabLab Zürich (?)
  • L200