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Axoloti Workshop:

Axoloti it’s an amazing open hardware board that it’s oriented to audio and midi manipulation. Using a graphical programming environment simmilar to puredata or reaktor, anyone can put together in minutes a stand-alone high quality polifonic synthesizer or an audio looper or an multi FX or a midi router.

The board has DIN midi, USB midi, micro usb for power + uploading patches + midi, GPIO pins and high quality super low latency stereo Audio i/o

In this hands-on workshop, we will see how to setup & install plus we will go through the basics, like using midi controllers, syncing with the computer, creating an analog subtractive polyphonic synthesizer, processing audio input using available effects, and make the board “stand-alone”

More info about the board:

last thing I have done with it: (4 channel granular synthesis)

More examples of axoloti power:

Date, Venue, Price

Date: 17. September 2017, 1 pm to ~6 pm

Location: MechArtLab, Zurich

Workshop is lead by media artist Servando Barreiro

Price: 150 CHF (includes axoloti board) / 80 CHF (without board)

Payment: Please transfer the money to the SGMK Banking Account.

Axoloti board order

serv 1x
stahl 1x
kent&jana 2x
veli 1x
s@m + friends 4x
urbi 1x
dusjagr 1x