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Home Made 2014, Chateau Fou de Fougerette


Château de Fougerette

Lieu Dit Fougerette

F-71190 Etang-sur-Arroux

coordonnées: 46.858298, 4.197764

journey with train:

Zuerich HB - Basel SBB - Dijon Ville(change train) - Etang


Oliver Jäggi

who I am:

musician and builder of synthesizers

what I plan to do at the homemade:

- bulid a new sequencer (of course) maybe with microcontroller

workshops i can offer:

- build a passive 4x4 matrix mixer (needs lots of parts)

- analoge sound synthesis

Urban Bieri


I'm nothing but a self declared musician, author, moderator and uncertified engineer.

mes projets

some possibilities: get some ideas for the solar mowers, build (micro/mini-)noise with motors and LEDs, finish some old projects... Make some music! Shall I take my bass with me?

les transports

Geht jemand von Zürich oder weitere Umgebung mit dem Auto und hat freien Platz? Ich würde dann gerne entweder mich selbst oder/und Material mitgeben.

les matériaux

zwei Stück Solarmähroboter "Husqvarna Solar Mower 1999"


Maybe there is a possibility to remote control them? Draw some patterns into the grass? Ideen zu deren Verwertung gesucht!

le château

Chateau homemade2014.jpg